How To Install Google Analytics In WordPress Websites (The Easiest Method Explained)

Today we have brought an extremely useful content piece before you that will boost your knowledge about Google Analytics. Not just that, we will also make you learn how to install Google Analytics in WordPress in the easiest manner.


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With that complete, let’s head to the primary topic in this content:


What Is Google Analytics And Why It’s So Important For You?

Google Analytics is a useful tool that collects and presents a huge amount of data about your website. Whatever the figures it reflects about your site, that shows how your website is performing on the online platform.


Particularly, if you are a blogger, it’s quite a necessary tool for you to keep track of everything happening within your site. Because at the end of the day the major part of your income will be generated by the traffic your blog site gets.


Case in point is you want to drive more traffic to your site and your visitors want to read high-quality content. And when they get what they want, you get what you need. Google Analytics just helps you to know how popular you are online by showing you the traffic statistics. Based on that number, you can alter your content to improve user engagement and conversion rate.

To give you an overview of what Google Analytics is basically used for we already described everything in the above para. Now let’s see all the important information it provides in detail:


1. Who Are The Visitors of Your Site?


Being an owner of your website it is important for you to know information like who visits your website, what are their locations, and what web browsers they use. That’s not all, you may also like to know what devices they use, if it has flash support or not, and in what language your site is most visited.


This collective information gives you a good idea of your visitors’s status that will help you prepare the most compatible custom web design for them.

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2. What Do They Do On Your Site?


Next crucial information that Google analytics provides you is what your visitors do when they land on your site. For instance, what pages they visit, what posts they read, how much time they spend and most importantly how closely they engage with your site.

As far as user engagement goes, if it’s low you may experience a sharp rise in your bounce rate. And if Google Analytics shows your website has a higher bounce rate (the percent of users who abandon your website without doing anything), you can use the data to work on our site and decrease the bounce rate.


3. When Do Most People View Your Site?


Knowing about the peak time for your website visits, you can plan to publish your posts at that time.


In case you think you won’t be available at that time to post your blogs, you can simply schedule the posts for automatic publishing.


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4. How Do People Reach Your Site?


This kind of information lets you know what are the sources of traffic that your website receives. For example, different groups of visitors may come to your site through different routes such as search engine results, direct links, and referral links from other sites. Once you get to know what’s sending high traffic on your site, you can create specialized posts for that particular platform.


However what’s interesting about this information display is that you can see the percentage of visitors as well coming to your site from different sources.

What’s more, you can also see all the data individually for different categories.


Let’s say you want to know which search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) brings the most traffic on your site, you can simply do a couple of clicks and see that in Google Analytics.


5. How Do Your Visitors Interact With Your Content?


Beyond all the critical information that Google Analytics provides, you also get to know how your website visitors interact with your content. That means you will get educated about what percentage of users visited which portion of your site, clicked on which link, or whether they filled up any web form or not.

To utilize this data, you can create content experiments in Google Analytics and then A/B test them to understand what’s helping or not helping you to achieve your targeted goals.


Based on the results, you can create effective strategies to improve user interaction on your site that will help you to achieve your different goals. To put it simply, Google Analytics allows you to avoid the guesswork for your website enhancement and work on authentic data extracted from your site. This way you can make data-driven decisions regarding your site instead of implementing traditional tactics to boost user interaction.


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With all the essentials broken down, now it’s time to dive into the most awaited topic in this content:


How To Install Google Analytics On Your WordPress Website


In this section of the blog, we will explain how to install Google Analytics on your site. But before we head any further, I would like to make you informed that MonsterInsights is the top Google Analytics plugin available today. And if you want to know how popular it is, I must tell you that it is used by thousands of websites in the world including big brands like Bloomberg, Zillow, and a few more. While it feels easy to add Google Analytics to your site using MonsterInsights, we will show you how to do that in this guide.

Just so you know, MonsterInsights is available as a free and premium plugin both. But we will use its free version for this post.


Now let’s see the steps to add Google Analytics by MonsterInsights:


Step 1: Install MonsterInsights plugin on your site and activate it to continue.


Step 2: Once it gets activated, you will see a new menu item in your WordPress admin section named “Insights”. Just click on it and then a setup wizard of MonsterInsights will pop up on your screen.


Step 3: At the very beginning you will be asked to choose a category that defines your website. You can choose any one among a blog or business website or an eCommerce store.

So, just make selection based on your website category and then hit that blue button “Save and Continue”


Step 4: Once you have done that, you will be taken to the next page where you need to click on the “Connect MonsterInsights” button.


Doing this will display another pop up on your screen that will ask you Google accounts details to sign in or tell you to select one that’s already in use.


Step 5: In the next step, you will be asked to give permission to MonsterInsights to access your Google account.


Click on the “Allow” button at the bottom right corner of the page and then you can move to the next step.

Step 6: Finally, you have reached the last step of the Google Analytics Installation process. When you will press the “Allow” button, you will be sent to the next page where you have to select a profile that you would like to track. Here, you need to select your website and then press the “Complete Connection” button present right below it.


Just after doing that, MonsterInsights will add Google Analytics to your WordPress website. Once that’s done, select the recommended settings for your WordPress website shown on the next screen.


After that, click on the Save and Continue button in order to save your settings.


Upon doing this, you will see a few paid add-ons on the next screen that can be accessed only if you purchase the Pro version of MonsterInsights.

If you don’t want to upgrade, just skip that step by hitting the “Save and Continue” button.


Same as before, you can skip the next step as well if you don’t want to install WPForms plugin. But if you think you will need this WordPress contact form plugin ahead, you can install it too.


And there you have it! You have successfully installed Google Analytics on your WordPress website.


Lastly, I want to inform you that Google Analytics won’t show your website reports instantly and you will need to wait for some time to see it.


Isn’t It An Easy Method To Install Google Analytics On Your WordPress Website?

We hope this article helped you to easily understand how to install Google Analytics in WordPress. If there is something you want to ask about the information presented above, feel free to give us a call or drop an email. We are always eager to respond to our readers’ query and don’t want to leave you in confusion anyway.


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