Santas wishlist app

is down!!


He needs our help!

We have 30 minutes time

to create an app in the cloud

where everyone can send 

their wishes

3 important steps

3. DEploy to the cloud with Azure

1. Backend with NestJS

2. Frontend with Angular

Let's create the backend

npx @nestjs/cli new backend
cd backend
npx nest add @nestjs/azure-func-http
npx nest generate module wishlist
npx nest generate service wishlist
npx nest generate controller wishlist
npm i @nestjs/azure-database

Add the AzureHttpRouter!


Let's create the Frontend

cd ..
npx @angular/cli new frontend
cd frontend
npx ng add @azure/ng-deploy \ 
	--manual \
	--account=wishlist2019 \
npx ng generate service wishlist
npx ng add @angular/material

TIME to deploy everything

3. Azure function app

1. Resource group

2. Storage

4. data source connection string

6. Webhost container

5. enable cors

# Backend
npm run build
func azure functionapp publish wishlist1234

1. install azure cli & Function core tools

# Frontend
npx ng build --prod
npx ng deploy

TIME to deploy everything

Christmas is saved!

What do I miss?

NX integration for azure / AWS

all the tools are not enterprise ready

Sounds like a new goal for 2020? :)

Thank you and

happy save christmas :P



Mitko Tschimev



Mitko Tschimev

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