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We know how to program our app

We know how to optimize our app for production

We want to learn how to deploy our app

Amazon S3 Bucket


Azure Static Hosting


Now environment



All of them give you an easy Deployment

1. Create the necessary account (AWS, Azure, ...)

2. Install the plugin 

3. Run deploy 

All of them have also the same issues

- created infrastructure resources are almost unknown

- resources are less customizable

- can't deal with multiple app requirements

BUT !!!

- not able to cleanup your infrastructure on turning offline

NOT suitable for enterprise applications

What if we can have both?

What if we can have both?

What if we can have both?

and even more?

Nx DeployIt

- All infrastructure code (resources) is in your repository


- Extendable for your own requirements (VPC, Databases, ...)


- Simple setup


- Infrastructure written in typescript


- Support for biggest providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)


- Support for Angular, Angular Universal, React, NestJS and ExpressJS


- Destroyable infrastructure


1. create a workspace with your favorite tool

2. Install nx-deploy-it

npx create-nx-workspace@latest 
ng add @dev-thought/nx-deploy-it
# Automatically invokes the scan schematic to check which applications are compatible

3. Deploy your app

ng run my-project:deploy

Live example

What's coming next?

Kubernetes support


Better documentation


shared & separate



Want to go more in detail?

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