Amplify Your Business and Gain a Competitive Edge with ONPASSIVE

Automation is more valuable because it gives you the information you need to make better choices, as opposed to patterns and data on events that have occurred in the past within your company or industry.


Business intelligence means a term used for reporting on statistics, figures, and numbers until recently.


Today, business intelligence’s innovations ensure that corporate customers around the board can drill down into critical knowledge when they need it to make informed decisions, quicker.

When the iron is hot, it is the right time to strike and take on new opportunities as they emerge soon before market conditions change.

ONPASSIVE, an innovative leader in next-generation business automation for the enterprise, continues expanding its artificial intelligence-powered business intelligence capabilities.


The intelligent platform allows business owners to leverage concise applications of artificial intelligence to take a stance in the ever-growing competition.

Looking to the Future is More Easier & Thanks to New ONPASSIVE Automation Platform:


ONPASSIVE is working on two most developments – Internet and Global Branding, which has completely changed the world. The growth of new technologies has a significant impact on a lot of sectors.

Advancement of technology has contributed to a revolutionary change in the world of business. If you own a business that requires innovative ideas to amplify growth, you are in the right place.

The intelligent platform powered by artificial intelligence enables predictive and advanced analytics. At the same, it is the fastest-growing area in every AI industry we see today.

According to a recent study, predictive and prescriptive analytics will grab 40% of enterprises’ new investment in business analytics in the next few years. 

Here are a few of the automation Tools that can eminently amplify your business:

  • ONPASSIVE ConnectMe

It is a platform that connects your business with the right target audience without any external disturbance. Remote working made possible with the dynamic AI capabilities equipped in the tool.

Any business can meet all customers’ demands over conferences and connect with remote employees while maintaining high standards of performance.


  • Email Marketing

ONPASSIVE offers an intelligent approach where businesses can leverage the automation tools to pull target leads through emails and convert them into customers effortlessly.


It is easy for companies to access the best communication channel that helps with the customization of any emailing list with higher conversion rates.

  • Calendar Scheduler

It is one of the excellent tools businesses can rely on. An automated interface enables a virtual assistant to schedule numerous and recurring meetings or activities of any significance.

Inviting the appropriate people to the meeting and sending out action items and regular itineraries are all automated with the help of the intelligent platform offered for businesses from ONPASSIVE

  • Domain Registration

Domain registration made easy with the help of ONPASSIVE automation tools. Own a fully qualified domain name.

It is an innovative web tool that helps you explore other TLD’s that have created popular websites that stand out from the crowd. Any new business can utilize the innovative approach of ONPASSIVE to build their domain effortlessly.

  • Staff Manager

This tool is a comprehensive approach to improve team coordination seamlessly by optimizing, assigning, and prioritizing tasks to strengthen connectivity and, thus, working together with the help of intuitive reports & analytics dashboards.

These automation tools are beneficial for every business to ensure productive performance from every one of their staff.

  • Mass Bulk Mailing

Any business can get easy access to mass bulk mailing. With these tools, it is more comfortable and efficient to email a large group of people through a single mailing system.

The system keeps track of all the email ids, and these are editable at any point in time. Connecting to the whole team is a lot easier with this tool.



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