KVSFlute, SolrFlute


DBFlute fest. 2016

Nov. 27, 2016


Who Am I

  • Shota Nagahori

  • Twitter: @nashcft

  • Server-side Engineer @ U-NEXT

  • DBFlute Hands-on tutorial:

    • ​WIP: section 9, 11

What is KVSFlute/SolrFlute?

  • Plugins to generate adapters to access KVS (Redis) and Solr

    • ​DBFlute-like API

    • Typesafety

    • Caching for RDB access (KVSFlute)

How to Use

  1. Put templates under freegen directory

  2. Add dependency to pom.xml/build.gradle

    • ​​Solr: solrj

    • KVS (Redis): jedis

  3. Add properties to config/env.properties

  4. Create/put schema (+alpha) file

    • Solr: schema.xml

    • KVS: original JSON schema + pool info

  5. freegen!



KVSFlute: options

  • KVS Store: KVS as a storage

  • KVS Cache: KVS as a cache for RDB

  • CB-Embedded Cache: Variation of KVS Cache

Inside KVSFLute: Select

KVS Store / KVS Cache when cache is found

Inside KVSFlute: Select

KVS Cache when cache is not found

Inside KVSFlute: Insert/Update

KVS Cache

Inside KVSFlute: Delete

KVS Cache

Available in Example Repo

Available in Example Repo

Available in Example Repo

Q & A

Thanks for Listening!

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