Joy to the Web

A Zero Install version of Joy
(not a production) Language called


  • Joy (some archives, some code, but old) a concatenative language
  • Cat ( no longer maintained ) is also concatenative (get it
  • Kitten ( some development happening) a small concatenative language
  • I could not help making yet another interpreter, naming it by the most joyous act of a cat,  "Pounce"

I Love Forth, but I'm also enamored by functional programming... so exploring these together, you find some "concatenative" languages:

l could not get the "Joy language" to compile/run on my hardware, so I started making interpreters (as one does).  
I vowed that no one would have to install anything to just "try" Joy. Which lead me to make this browser based language, Pounce.  

In the process of making interpreters, choices are made that eventually deviated from "pure" Joy.

Pounce has "zero state" outside of the stack and the program queue (dequeue). see and
You can edit code in the blue text boxes interactively and see the result in the yellow box below.

Thank You!

until next year

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