Open-source zoomable images

A little about me


  • Melinda Minch (
  • Formerly at Microsoft Live Labs, now an open-source co-collaborator

Tonight's technologies

  • / zoomhub
  • OpenSeadragon
  • DeepZoomTools

Zoom and pan around big images

(you know, like how we do with maps now)



Screens are only so large, but images can be huge if we want them to be. (like this one)


It can be easy to get lost, or miss details.


(Demo some tiles.)


  1. Break an image up into tiles and downsample into a pyramid
  2. Put all that on the internet somewhere
  3. Point a viewer at it that knows which tiles to fetch when, and that provides a smooth experience

Current Technologies

  • DeepZoomTools: the breaking-up-into-tiles part
  • OpenSeadragon: the viewer part
  • ZoomHub: a cloud-based service that can do both parts for you

Current Technologies

Used to be part of Microsoft, now there are open-source versions.

Got open-sourced very recently - so much so that we're still working on getting it fully functional again (remember Ken's talk?)


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