David Li


ChatOps = chatroom + bots

  • Introduced by Github by 2010
  • Core concept: putting tools in the middle of the conversation



  • slack

  • hipchat

  • jabbr -- totally free, Windows


Hello Hubot from Github

hubot and his friends

  • Hubot, written in nodejs and coffeescript
  • Lita, written in ruby
  • Err, written in python
  • CI get <job> last status
  • CI build <job>
  • CI summary <job> period status

hubot triggers CI

  • yammer me: list my own timeline
  • yammer post <body>

hubot triggers Social network

hubot fetchs project Status

  • AGM list <project> sprint <sprint ID>
  • AGM get <project> userstory <user story ID> 
  • AGM get burndown <project> sprint <sprint ID>
  • API References


  • To chatroom
  • To inbox as notification

Generate Usage graphs

High level architecture



  • Standardizing how we take actions
  • Increasing project awareness
  • Providing a real-time command history
  • Sharing and learning faster than ever
  • Fun


DIY time

Build your own hubot

  • Linux
  • Nodejs
    • nvm,
  • Install hubot
  • Running as a service(auto start)

Integrate hubot with ur own service

  • Use APIs
  • If no APIs, make it

Have fun with bots

Thank you

David Li 



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