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Introduce yourself 

in channels and mailing lists

Join us in meetings

Look for "good first issues"

Start working on task

How is Fedora Organized ? 

What can I do for Fedora ?

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What will I get in return ?

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Visibility


and much more than that ...

  • Internships/job opportunities/Scholarships
    • Fedora and Red Hat
    • Fedora summer coding
    • GSOC
    • Outreachy 
    • Google Code-in
  • Conferences/Event participation
    • Flock hosted by Fedora
    • Fedora release party
    • Test days/Hackfest

What will I get in return ?

Fedora loves Python

Introduction to Python


  • Fedora Loves Python
  • Introduction to Python3
  • Web applications
  • Science stuff
  • Fedora classroom and resources

Ready to use Python

  • Python comes pre-installed on fedora

  • Python3 by default

  • If you are working on a piece of Python software, you probably want to test it on multiple Python interpreters

  • You can use pip to install modules from PyPI

Fedorans are also pythonistas

  • Not only is Fedora great for coding in Python but, important parts of Fedora are actually written in it.


  • Introduction to python
  • Fundamental Data types and basic operators
  • Comparison and Logical Operators
  • Control Flow and Cycles



  • Open source web application framework
  • Start with creating first project
    • django-admin startproject mysite
    • cd mysite
    • python3 runserver


  •  Micro web framework for Python

    • from flask import Flask
      app = Flask(__name__)

      def hello_world():
          return "Hello World!"

      if __name__ == "__main__":

Science Stuff

  • Matplotlib

    • graph plotting library

      • import matplotlib.pyplot as fwd
      • fwd.plot([1,2,3,4])


      • fwd.title("Fedora Women's Day!")
      • fwd.ylabel("This is y-axis")

      • fwd.xlabel("This is x-axis")

Science Stuff

  • NumPy

    • library providing fast multidimensional arrays

      • import numpy as np
        ​​A = np.array([[1, 2], [3, 4]])
      • np.zeros((3,3))

      • np.ones((3,3))

  • SciPy

    • library providing routines for basic and special mathematical functions, numerical integration

      • import scipy.integrate

Science Stuff

  • IPython

    • an enhanced interactive Python interpreter

      • sudo dnf install python3-ipython

  • Jupyter notebook

    • a web app that allows you to create and share live code

      • sudo dnf install notebook

      • jupyter notebook

Fedora Python Classroom

Make your class focus on mastering the language, not on preparing the environment! Get the Fedora Python Classroom Lab and have your class set up in no time.


Mailing list : python-devel                              

IRC : fedora-python

Help us to make it better!

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