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Building Investor Audiences with Advanced Marketing Technologies

This Investor Audience Building case study takes a look at a sustainable investor marketing program designed to build substantial company-controlled audiences and programs that can be leveraged on an ongoing basis.

This includes building retargeting lists of thousands of “warm” investors, building significant lists of qualified investor leads through email signups, profiling investors, tracking investor engagement, segmenting the most valuable and interested investors through alerts and reports, generating significant free targeted ad impressions and driving clicks from new investors to company materials.

Client Background

Our client had completed multiple rounds of financing, was about to go public and needed to build an investor audience prior to its public listing.


The company had no investor marketing assets or expertise. It was still private and virtually unknown to investors, had an email list of less than 200 investors, and had limited website traffic.

The Solution

Lead Generation and List Building

Investor Audience Building

Investor Engagement Tracking

Investor Profiling

Signup and Engagement Alerts

Automated Communications and Nurturing

We deployed an advanced investor marketing program designed to build two investor audiences

  • Known Interested Investors who provide an email address
  • Anonymous Interested Investors who visit content but don’t provide an email address

The program was delivered using our Advanced Investor Marketing Platform (AIMM) in conjunction with Google’s Retargeting, Similar Audiences and Affinity/Intent Targeting Advertising Systems.

Program Length & Cost

The advertising driven lead generation portion of the program ran for approximately 60 days following a 30-day development and setup process. Retargeting lead generation programs took place over several months. Total cost of the program was $65,000.

Results Summary

After a period of setup and development that included content, advertising and landing page campaign creation and optimization, a targeted advertising campaign was launched and ran over a sixty day period. Retargeting programs ran over several months. Highlights of results delivered include:

Total Leads Generated 1,013
Total Captured Retargeting Audience 4,944
Investors Who Engaged with at Least 5 Pieces of Content 461


We used Google Similar Audiences to expand retargeting campaigns and provide new investor awareness and lead generation.

This tactic relies on targeting individuals rather than broader audience targeting.

Lead Generation and List Building via Similar Audiences Advertising Campaigns

Total Clicks 12,101
Total Impressions 5,769,428
Total Ad Campaign Leads Generated 878

This is accomplished through profiling existing investors and those who have shown an interest in the company captured via retargeting, and the use of advertising systems that target individuals who have similar profiles with ads that drive them to content or landing pages.

Retargeting Audience and List Building

Retargeting is the practice of showing ads to people who have visited your website or landing page after they leave. We consider retargeting to be basic investor marketing infrastructure that allows us to continue marketing to warm investors who have shown an interest in your company but haven’t provided an email address yet.

Our programs are based on an innovative “Capture and Convert” strategy. “Captured” investors are targeted with advertising designed to drive them to landing pages where they are informed and “Converted” using a content download offer.

Total Captured Traffic 4,944 (Display)
Total Retargeting Leads Converted 135
Total Impressions 175,906
Total Clicks 726

AIMM Platform

The AIMM platform is a proprietary marketing platform developed specifically for investor marketing built on the integration of a custom CRM, profiling data system, and customized marketing automation platform.

 Advanced Investor Marketing Platform

The platform provides investor signup management, profiling, engagement tracking, alert generation, auto response and extended ongoing nurturing capabilities together with customized CRM functionality designed for investor marketing.

US Investor Profiling

The AIM Platform investor profiling system pulls data from lead enhancement sources and populates investor records within the CRM. Profiles can include income, wealth, education, and employment data points. Approximately 60% of US leads were profiled.

Age Location Education Approx. Income Position Political Affiliation
66 Davis, CA College 100k - 125k Blue Collar Worker Democratic
48 New York, NY High School 125k Broker/Stock/Trader Unknown
78 Austin, TX Unknown 50k - 75k Retired No Party
64 Royal Oak, MI College 100k - 125k CEO/CFO/Chairman Democratic
50 Santa Fe, NM High School 100k - 125k Stock Broker Republican

Data Examples

Engagement Tracking & Alerts

The AIM Platform tracks and scores investor signups and their engagement with content. Engagement scoring identifies which investors should be prioritized while auto response systems send engaged investors emails with related content or invitations.

Investors with at least 15 Engagement Events 113
Investors with at least 8 Engagement Events 293
Investors with at Least 5 Engagement Events 461

New investor signups and engagement alerts are provided to the company daily. Alerts click through to the CRM where all profiling and engagement logs are stored.


Of the investors who signed up 461 engaged with at least 5 pieces of content which demonstrated a significant level of success in targeting interested investors. Investor profiling allowed targeting of high value investors.

Over a 60 day advertising campaign we successfully created an investor audience of 878 sign ups and almost 5,000 captured investors who had visited the company website or landing page. Another 135 sign ups (conversions) took place through retargeting programs. A total retargeting investor audience of almost 5000 was also created.

The client was provided with daily signup and engagement tracking alerts to help them identify the most engaged investors for direct follow up. Automated marketing systems sent registered investors content emails following engagement designed to further inform and encourage them to take action. Ongoing remarketing advertising continued to keep captured investors warm and informed while encouraging them to take action.

Our Suite of Investor Marketing Products

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