the first stone for a secure communication protocol

Why Blindstore?

Only partial solutions

They can hide the communication
But not the fact that A and B are communicating

Private communication

It can't be that hard, can it?
Alice looks up Bob's location on the phonebook

On the internet...

Bob's location changes several times per day

Then you need a new phonebook!

But the Internet Phonebook™ is a bit too heavy

Ok then,

What if we have a single central Internet Phonebook™? 
And then we call an operator and ask for the updated Bob's location

But wait!

We don't know if the operator is an evil NSA agent!

What we need is...

An oblivious operator

The hackathon

Three fronts

Research, hacking & branding


We started with a paper from 2013:

Single-Database Private Information Retrieval from Fully Homomorphic Encryption[1]


Then we got our hands dirty:

  • We wrote install scripts for libscarab
  • Also a Python wrapper for libscarab
  • The Blindstore server library
  • And the Blindstore client library

  • But we also took care of making it easy to use:

    • We wrote documentation for Blindstore client
    • And tests for pyScarab (passing in Travis!)


    What about having some identity?
  • We designed a logo
  • And a cool project website
  • Video on homomorphic encryption

    Our tools

    For hacking:
  • Python + Flask for Blindstore
  • Meteor.js for the demo website

  • For collaborating:
  • Git and Github and Gitter for chat

  • For documenting:
  • for writing the hackathon log
  • PowToon for making the video

    You can find us here:

  • Github:
  • Our project page:
  • The hackathon log:

  • And this is the demo


    So that is Blindstore

    Any questions?