Programming for Sculptors

ARTS-A0407 – Digital Sculpture 3 (2cr)

Lecture 2, 9.1.2020


  • External LED
  • Button (Digital input)
  • LDR (Analog input)
  • Output as sound
  • Assignment 1

The UFO controller

Queen of shitty robots

External LED

if there's no load you'll have a shortcut

– (minus) is also called ground or GND

  • Pin 13 to led anode (+)
  • Led cathode (-) to resistor (~330 ohm)
  • Resistor to GND

Button: digital input and if-else

Analog input

Analog input with LDR

Pitch follower

Assignment 1

Short poem with input and output


  • Shoot a video
  • Send a link to the video with a short description (WeTransfer etc) to by 22.1.
  • Find a battery operated electronic thing (a toy maybe?) by 29.1.

Theory about electricity