Programming for Visual Artists

ARTS-A0701 – Digital Art 1 (2cr)

Lecture 6, 16.3.2020

Mon, 24.02: Introduction, discussion, Glitch intro
Mon, 02.03: P5.js editor, shapes, coordinates and colors. Assignment 1: composition with shapes
Tue, 03.03: Variables, random, if. Assignment 2: Clock
Mon, 09.03: Noise, if-else, for-loop. Assignment 3: Line study
Tue, 10.03: 2D Transformations, trigonometry, functions. Assignment 4: Generative animation
Mon, 16.03: Interaction, arrays, sound. Assignment 5: VJ instrument
Tue, 17.03: Editing images and video. Assignment 6: Self portrait
Mon, 23.03: Object oriented programming: particle system. Assignment 6: Generative art 1
Tue, 24.03: Object oriented programming: natural systems. Assignment 7: Generative art 2
Mon, 30.03: Personal project
Tue, 31.03: Presentations, course feedback

Pass: personal project + 5/7 assignments



Mic Input


mp3 example

Link to full p5.js Sound Tutorial playlist by Daniel Shiffman

Assignment 5: Sound reactive animation

Create a sound reactive animation with mic input and getLevel or FFT.

You could for example make a sound reactive version of your work from last week.