Programming for Visual Artists

ARTS-A0701 – Digital Art 1 (2cr)

Lecture 9, 24.3.2020

Mon, 24.02: Introduction, discussion, Glitch intro
Mon, 02.03: P5.js editor, shapes, coordinates and colors. Assignment 1: composition with shapes
Tue, 03.03: Variables, random, if. Assignment 2: Clock
Mon, 09.03: Noise, if-else, for-loop. Assignment 3: Line study
Tue, 10.03: 2D Transformations, trigonometry, functions. Assignment 4: Generative animation
Mon, 16.03: Interaction, arrays, sound. Assignment 5: VJ instrument
Tue, 17.03: Editing images and video. Assignment 6: Image of image
Mon, 23.03: Object oriented programming: particle system. Assignment 7: Repetition
Tue, 24.03: Personal project: choose topic
Mon, 30.03: Personal project
Tue, 31.03: Presentations, course feedback

Pass: personal project + 5/7 assignments

Personal project


  • Choose a topic or an example covered during this course
  • Experiment and iterate. Try to create something surprising, look for a visual narrative you would hope to convey
  • Experiment with a simple structure rather than try to create something complex to begin with. Take small steps and iterate, follow whatever mistakes you might make. Save screenshots along the way.
  • Join the zoom lecture on 24.3. and 30.3. and book a time for personal tutoring
  • Submit a p5js link on MyCourses before 31.3. 16:00
  • Present your work 31.3. 17-20


"Painting with eyes closed" don't necessarily try to draw a shape, try to create systems that create shapes

Take a look at #p5js on Instagram. You might recognise familiar algorithms and techniques.

Zach Lieberman's daily sketches are a great example on experimenting and iterating on a certain theme

You can also take a historical perspective and recreate something created before.

Remember that there is more to a work than just the underlying algorithm or technique. Presentation matters and you can always experiment on that.

Other remarks

  • You can recreate a work that you have seen during this class or on Instagram etc. If you do that, focus on why you found it interesting.
  • Please book a time on Zoom chat to have tutoring with me.
  • Try to take small steps and iterate.
  • Be proud of yourselves! This is a short course and you have already covered a lot. The point of this exercise is to focus on a single piece of work after covering many topics and to get private tutoring on the topic that interests you the most.