Deploying Angular to Azure

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Pankaj P. Parkar

Technical Lead

Synerzip Softech India PVT LTD

  • Microsoft MVP (3 times)

  • Angular GDE

  • Opensource Contributor

  • Stackoverflow Topuser for Angular and AngularJS

  • 100k+ reps on Stackoverflow

  • Community Contributor

About Me!


Angular Terminology

Angular 1.x = AngularJS  

Angular 2+ = Angular     



  • Platform independent
  • Speed and performance
  • Incredible tooling support
  • Everything out of the box.
  • Seamless version upgrades
  • Trust factor
  • Adaptive to upcoming web standard
  • Use Angular outside Angular (AE)
  • IVY Renderer(opt-in state)

Platform Independent

  • Works on Mobile and Desktop
  • Framework has considered mobile-friendly approach, so that it can work smoother on mobile as well. 
  • Native Script for native application development


Speed and Performance

  • Super fast change detection mechanism to update bindings on the page.
  • AOT mode helps to ship less bytes of code to the client machine
  • Angular Universal can be used for Server Side Rendering 


Incredible Tooling in place

  • Typescript:  static typing, modularity. 
  • Angular CLI - Command based interface, helps to create things by simple commands.
  • Incorporated all the best practices.


  • Full fledge production ready application
  • RxJS - Reactive (async) Programming paradigm

Angular Packages

Seemless Upgrades using CLI


  • Upgrade Angular app using simple command
  • Angular material commands directly add whole stuff just by firing below command

 Trust Factor

  • used at Google on 600+ project
  • Any new changes, are deployed to this 600+ projects and verified internally before shipping new versions to audience.

@pankajparkar (PWA & Web Component)




Highly modularize and maintainable code



Adaptive to upcoming Web Standard

  • Angular supports web-component out of the box
  • Angular Components can be easily use outside of Angular using Angular Elements API
  • Ivy Render: Will help to ship less number of bytes to client box, this will improve boot up performance


Local Deployment

  • Create package using webpack
  • Host this code and some port
  • Run it locally for debugging 
  • We ensures code would work on hosted environment. 

What is hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet.


  • It can be hosted on publicly accessible server
  • Azure will be best option to deploy these days

Let's Make Angular application prod ready

Prod read Angular bundles

ng build ng build --prod
Environment environment.ts
Cache bursting only for images in CSS yes
Source maps yes yes
Extracted CSS css output to js yes, to CSS file
Uglification no yes
Bundling yes yes
AOT no yes

Deployment Philosophy

Create build Package

Run test cases

Compress Package / prod ready pckg

Transfer pckg to deployment server

Extract build package

Download / Install dependencies

Host extracted package files

Deployed Success.


Deploy Angular on Azure

  1. Azure Pipeline
  2. Using Docker



  • Cloud Computing Service 
  • Different features.
    • building
    • testing
    • deploying
    • managing applications and services
    • etc...


Azure App Service

What is Service Plan?

Azure Pipeline


Using Docker



Take away

  1. Optimize angular application before deploy
  2. Azure makes CI / CD easier
  3. You can also do containerise build using docker





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