What's there in Angular?

Angular Terminology

Angular 1.x = AngularJS  

Angular 2+ = Angular     


Pankaj P. Parkar

Technical Lead

Synerzip Softech India PVT LTD

  • Microsoft MVP (3 times)

  • Opensource Contributor

  • Stackoverflow Topuser for Angular and AngularJS

  • 100k+ reps on Stackoverflow

  • .Net and Angular Developer

  • Currently working on React, GraphQL & Nodejs


About Me

Stack Overflow Contribution

React vs Angular - Learning Curve


Platform Independent

  • Works on Mobile and Desktop
  • Framework has considered mobile-friendly approach, so that it can work smoother on mobile as well. 
  • Native Script for native application development


Speed and Performance

  • Super fast change detection mechanism to update bindings on the page.
  • AOT mode helps to ship less bytes of code to the client machine
  • Angular Universal can be used for Server Side Rendering 


Incredible Tooling in place

  • Typescript:  static typing, modularity. 
  • Angular CLI - Command based interface, helps to create things by simple commands.
  • Incorporated all the best practices.


  • Full fledge production ready application
  • RxJS - Reactive (async) Programming paradigm

Angular Packages

Seemless Upgrades using CLI


  • Upgrade Angular app using simple command
  • Angular material commands directly add whole stuff just by firing below command

 Trust Factor

  • used at Google on 600+ project
  • Any new changes, are deployed to this 600+ projects and verified internally before shipping new versions to audience.





https://angular.io (PWA & Web Component)




Highly modularize and maintainable code


Source: https://angular.io

Adaptive to upcoming Web Standard

  • Angular supports web-component out of the box
  • Angular Components can be easily use outside of Angular using Angular Elements API
  • Ivy Render: Will help to ship less number of bytes to client box, this will improve boot up performance


Current Angular

  • Angular 7.x is going to have fantastic improvement in terms of performance
Angular 6.x (compressed )
Hello World Application 40kb (approx.)
Todo Application 80-100kb (approx.)

Current Angular Stats

Angular 7.x

  • Angular 7.x is going to have fantastic improvement in terms of performance

Angular Next

Angular Next (compressed )
Hello World Application 2.75kb (approx.)
Todo Application 12.72kb (approx.)


  • Angular Elements

  • Angular Ivy Renderer


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