and why you should GPL your software


When you package and compile your software…

function MyPurpose (txt) {  ... some code...}

 human readable source code
becomes human unreadable binary code.

Not a one way ticket but

When you reverse engineer software…

function f (a) {

 human unreadable binary code
becomes source code that's
hard to read.

Open source

means that you get access to both

function MyPurpose (txt) {  ... some code...}

source code and (maybe self-compiled) binaries.

Further rights

What you are allowed to do.


  Do as you please but remain GPL'ed
(meaning: stay open source).


  Do as you please only keep a textfile
saying where the software came from.

Why choose GPL?

1. Because you get mentioned

2. Because of freedom

You get mentioned because

companies like to keep their products closed source.

Thus they have to ask you for a special license agreement.

If you do open source, you’re my hero and I support you. If you’re a corporation, let’s talk business.
- Zed Shaw, Why I (A/L)GPL

It's about freedom because

with GPL styled licenses you can
strike a balance between:

1. Your own financial interests and

2. The idealistic goal of advancing a world
further apart from the laws of the
“weary giants of flesh and steel”
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