Why secure data
and how?

Who is the villain?

Your dorm mate?

A housebreaker?

A nefarious government agency?

Your dorm mate because...
... you can hardly check if he took a look.

The housebreaker because...
... he would steal the whole thing.

The nefarious government agency because...
... well, wait...

Reasonable precaution

#1: Encrypt (most of) your data.

#2: Encrypt and decrypt on the
client (if possible.)

... Via a web frontend

Or via A terminal

with sshfs and encfs

sshfs my-server.pagekite.me:~/ ↩        <-- connect to the remote folder
    ~/Remote-Filesystem                 <-- mount the remote folder
                                         --   = make it locally available

encfs ~/Remote-Filesystem/data.enc ↩    <-- select the encrypted container
    ~/Decrypted-Data/                   <-- make the on-the-fly decrypted
                                         --   data available
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