Tic Tac Talk!

Learning to Talk?

I mean seriously!


Who all are here to learn to "Talk"?

Talking the talk!


Even Kids know it how to Talk!

Talk != Having a Conversation

Where do we need to give one?

  • Colleges
  • Job
  • Meetups, like this one
  • Conference (talk about dreams :D)

Why should you care?

  • To share your knowledge with others
  • To improve your public speaking
  • To be keynote speaker at a conference

Need a Layout?

Wait for it!

  • Introduction about the talk and yourself
  • Prelogue to your talk, giving brief to your talk
  • IceBreaking through jokes, posters, puns, props or memes.
  • Elaborate or list the topics to be discussed
  • Dive deeper into your talk, generally through What, Why, and how!
  • Interact with your audience during your talk
  • Conclusion at the end,  with headings like, "What After!"
  • Feedback at the end

So what now?

Stand up and Give a lightning session after this talk!

And yes, start with the temptation!

Still stressed?

  • Relax and Be confident!
  • Be Dynamic and ready to change
  • Be concise and elaborate at the same time
  • Have cool, but simple slides
  • Get your facts right
  • Present the topic right way!
  • Feedback at the end is very important


Rules of life!

  • Be Dynamic Speaker
  • Devil's in the detail
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three

Tips and Tricks

Make an Impact!

  • Take a deep breath if you feel nervous.
  • Drink water in between to take a pause
  • Practice if you feel very nervous
  • Be on topic and don't loose your point
  • Avoid long discussion during the talk
  • Modify according to the audience
  • Use Props if needed
  • Don't feel bad about the feedbacks
  • Introspect your session!
  • Use Sli.do to help audience ask questions the easier way or etherpad.


What challenge?

You ask.


Ladies and Gentlemen!

  • Be involved and attentive
  • Ask questions
  • Respect the speakers and their feelings
  • Don't try to show off or roast the speaker

Thank you!

And this concludes our "Meta Talk", Talk about talk

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