Philo van Kemenade

Portfolio of selected projects

With Gradual, I am scratching an itch I've had for years: how to make exchanging knowledge and skills more easy and fun?

I co-founded Gradual as a SaaS business in 2021 and lead product development, from concept & initial prototypes, through validation & user testing, to the launch of a minimal viable product, currently used by several organisations.


Research findings show that the Iron Age and Roman periods are often presented through dichotomies and exaggerated caricatures in formal and free-choice learning environments in Britain. People draw on these early impressions and dualistic understandings of the past to justify antagonism towards particular groups defined on the basis of ethnicity, culture and race.

Tolerant Futures challenges these uses through this digital experience and by developing education training resources to promote more nuanced and less binary interpretation of the Iron Age and Roman past at heritage venues and in primary school classrooms.

Tolerant Futures

Trialogue is an open source Story Format for the non-linear storytelling framework Twine that let's you turn a branching narrative into an interactive chat story. Write a non-linear story in the Twine editor, add Trialogue as the Story Format and play back your story in the form of an interactive chat.


Open Images Browser

The Open Images Browser provides access to the Open Images collection, some 3.5 thousand videos with an open Creative Commons license.


Instead of the usual search bar, this interface generously displays how these images are distributed across time, location and subject matter. This shows at a glance the scale and diversity of the collection and allows the user to step-by-step zoom in on interesting parts and easily watch them as a playlist.

Media Suite Data Stories

The CLARIAH Media Suite infrastructure gives researchers access to Dutch multimedia archives from various heritage organisations.

The Media Suite tools offer the core functionalities needed for research with these data and to generate “data stories” based on interesting facts and figures that are extracted from these data. Media Suite Data Stories serves as a platform for presenting such data stories, which weave narrative together with computational analysis and visualisation.

I co-developed the concept and lead the design and development of the platform, along with the publication of the first story.

For their exhibition on Gothic art, the Slovak National Gallery was looking for a way to give visitors a hands-on experience with the displayed artworks. Unfold created an interactive experience that invites visitors to practice the craft of Gothic composition.

A touch screen application invites visitors to take the role of the 'Apprentice of Okolicne'. In a short and playful experience, visitors work actively with segments of the digitised artworks to create their own gothic composition.

Apprentice of Okolicne

The Warwick Manufacturing Group was in search of new ways to engage the public and make supply chains understandable in human terms. Unfold worked with their researchers as well as two multinational companies to analyse, design and represent supply chains in intuitive ways, resulting in a data sculpture and interactive visualisation that are  permanently exhibited at the University of Warwick.

LINK data sculpture

How to transform an online library into a stunning experience representing its dynamic nature?
Unfold was approached by the director of the Goethe Institute Bratislava, with the challenge to bring their Online library closer to the people who visit their physical library. Unfold developed a live data display that visualises borrowed books as generative flowers, each as unique as the book they represent.

BLOOM Generative Visualisation

Web umenia is the online collection platform of the Slovak National Gallery. One of its unique features is how it brings together the collections of all public fine art galleries in Slovakia in a unified interface.

I lead the development of several features including internationalisation, modular component architecture and IIIF based deep zoom viewer.


Events of the slovak state in four chapters.

One nation, one party, one leader, but also more than 70,000 victims - the period of 1939 to 1945 is among the most complex in Slovak history.


This long-form storytelling website accompanies the exhibition "Dream × Reality: Art and Propaganda 1939 - 1945" by adding historical context illustrated with multimedia content.

Dream × Reality

Take part in an interactive conversation and explore life stories and key artworks of the iconic Czech and Slovak artists Emil Filla and Ľudovít Fulla. Throughout the chat, both artists will answer questions and share artworks as well as archival material.

Filla Fulla Chat

SU is a non-profit foundation and international community of media makers, technologists and designers interested in innovative forms of storytelling.

Since 2013 we've partnered with film festivals, broadcasters and universities to host hackathon events. 9 years later SU has grown into a global community, that actively connects via meetups, community calls and story jams.

Storytellers United

10 cities
20+ events
350+ participants

900+ on Slack
50+ prototypes

Sensorium Festival celebrates human applications of creative technology in arts, design and performance.

In the four years since its launch, I acted as Head Curator of the central conference programme and helped to grow the project from an 80 person symposium to a festival attracting an international audience and over 2000 attendees across multiple venues.

Sensorium Festival