What Is Digital Marketing ?

Why Use Internet To Find More Clients ?

why to use internet to find more clients for your business
what is digital marketing

How To Sell Products And Services In The Market ?

how to sell products and services in the market

Start With Building A Business Promotion Website To Save The Cost Of Sales & Marketing In The Initial Stages.

start with building a business promotion website to cut cost of marketing

Don't Begin With Costly Traditional Publicity Modes Like Participation In Trade Fairs, Promotional Traveling & Official Lunches.

do not begin with traditional marketing while starting a new business

Make A Hosted Website With The Business Plan At WordPress.com Or Retail Portal At The E-commerce Plan at WordPress.com or Shopify.

make a hosted website with business plan on wordpress.com

Choose The Self-hosting Option Only If Developing A Very Large Portal.

choose a self-hosting website if developing a large website

Upload A Mobile Responsive 3rd Party Commercial Theme At The WordPress.com Platform.

Or Else Premium In-built WordPress.com or Shopify Themes Are Equally Fine.

Then Add Original And Informative Content In Web Projects And Pages To Create A Top Class User-experience In Your Website.

Do Not Insert Duplicate Or Irrelevant Text, Videos, Images Or Infographics For Your Products Or Services In Your Domain.

don't insert duplicate or irrelevant content inside websites
upload a mobile-responsive commercial theme on wordpress.com
use a premium in-built wordpress theme only if making a small website

Improve Titles, Navigation, Headlines, Photos, Linking & Loading Speed, Keeping Users As 1st & Crawlers As 2nd Priority.

Animated Sites With Fancy Designing, Interactive Buttons, Designer Patterns, Background Animations, Rotating Objects, Simulating Effects.

Optimize Meta-Data, Photo Alt Tags, Descriptions & Sitemaps For An Enhanced Natural Visibility On The Leading Search Engines By On page SEO.

Don't Start Your Digital Publicity Campaign Before Optimizing Your Documents And Site Stories For Online Visitors, Consumers And Shoppers.

optimize your websites keeping the users as first priority and search engines later
animated websites with fancy designing reduces organic visibility on the internet
website optimization improves natural visibility on google and bing
do not start digital marketing before optimizing your website

Perform Off-page SEO By Listing On Bing Places & Google Maps For Improving Organic Positioning on Local Searches.

Next, Start With Social Media Optimization Through YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, Pinterest Business, Quora, Twitter, Reddit & Facebook.

Purchasing Incoming Links, Exercising Link-Spam For Obtaining Backlinks, Neglecting Enabling Web Accessibility For The Disabled.

Avoid Initiating Social Media Advertising Campaigns Before Going Through The SMO Process.

bing places and google maps helping in an increased organic visibility for websites
purchasing incoming links for gaining backlinks is black-hat seo
initiate social media optimisation before social media advertising
social media optimization is an important task in website promotion

Use The URL Inspection Tool, Verify Sitemap & AMP Compatibility In Your Google Search Central Account.

Engaging In Keyword Stuffing, Linking Through Images, Writing Long Paragraphs Or Deleting Outgoing Links From Own Site.

Broken URL's, Site Usability Flaws, Congested Interface, Untidy Formatting Or A Complicated Navigation Menu.

Uploading Low Resolution Photos, Avoiding Blog Marketing, Excluding Contact Details, Ignoring The Testimonials & Project Sections.

google webmaster tools console for improving online visibility of websites
keyword stuffing and linking through images is bad seo technique
broken url's and complicated navigation decreases online ranking of websites
uploading low resolution pictures provides a bad user-experience in websites

Launch Your Search Engine Marketing Project On Google Ads & Bing Advertisements To Build Brand Value.

Then Go For Paid Social Promotion On YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook And Quora For Further Gains.

Experience The Advantage Of Portal Creation After Gaining Untapped Customers, Fresh Leads & New Buyers From Remote & Unknown Markets.

Finally, Go Ahead With Traditional Publicity Mediums Like Participating In Seminars, Socializing, Newspaper Ads, Appointing Commission Agents Or Business Club Memberships etc.

search engine marketing for websites
find new clients and fresh leads by promoting websites
traditional marketing for companies
internet marketing on youtube facebook pinterest linkedin and twitter

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pinterest business for sharing commercial infographics
youtube channel for promoting business videos online
twitter account for social media optimization of websites
linkedin company page for business networking online
facebook business page for social media networking
bing maps for listing local businesses on the internet
google maps for local business listings online
bing ads for marketing products and services online


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