How to Write an Effective Press Release for a Better Attention of the Readers

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  • Press Release Basics
  • Steps to Write an Effective Press Release
  • Linking Guidelines 
  • Publishing Guidelines
  • Conclusive Remarks

Press Release Basics

1. What is a Press Release?

Press Release is a piece of information in the form of either an article or a blog post or a column in the newspaper.

This piece of information contains the text and visuals related to the relevant business that is broadcasted online or offline to notify the public about some important matter or announcements or updates.

Press Release Basics

2. Why write and publish

a press release?

A Business is an all-time running activity unless it's closed down for some reason, and during that running time a lot of changes, updates, product launches, announcements and many other similar things happen in the business and it becomes very important to tell the public about those events, and that's where the need for a press release writing and publishing arises.

So a press release is written and published to tell the public about the events that took place in the business.

Steps to Write an Effective Press Release

List of Steps

  1. Prepare the material
  2. Write a convincing title
  3. Write an Introductory Summary
  4. Write the rest of the content in full along with the headings, text, links, images and videos
  5. Include Important Links in the end
  6. Include Contact Information in the very end of the written press release

Steps to Write an Effective Press Release

Step 1: Prepare the Material

Before getting started straight to the writing part it's very important to gather, assemble and prepare the press release publishing material first, and this include: -

  1. Understand and Prepare the Format - It means the first thing is to understand that what are you writing and publishing, is it about an event? or is about a product launch? or is it about a change in the company policy or team? or is it some announcement? and once you understand what it is then prepare the format based on its type.
  2. Collect related photos, videos or any other visual matter.
  3. Collect related links, contact information and other important details that has to be included in the press release

Steps to Write an Effective Press Release

Step 2: Write a convincing title

Every press release contains a title, and the more effective is the title more it grabs the attention.

A title must be influencing, it should mention clearly that what the press release is about? and if possible it must also contain the company name!

Steps to Write an Effective Press Release

Step 3: Write an Introductory Summary

A Summary is an excerpt as whole of a full press release article or text, and it is required to make the reader understand in short about the full press release content.

Steps to Write an Effective Press Release

Step 4: Write the Rest of the Press Release Content

After you have written a convincing title and a summary, now write rest of the press release content.

Format Guidelines:

  1. Include Headings before Text (Use H3 Tags)
  2. Include Images & Videos at Relevant Places
  3. Use Blockquote for the text that includes information of announcement or something spoken by a important person of the company. 
  4. Link important words

Steps to Write an Effective Press Release

Step 5: Include Important Links

In the end of the press release article, if possible include important links (along with heading - Important Links), these links will help the reader to visit the important pages easily in one go.


And also, the reader will not have to go through the clusters of text to find the important links.


Steps to Write an Effective Press Release

Step 6: Include Contact Information

In the very end of the press release article include a heading (h3) - Contact Information, and write the related and important contact details so the interested or concerned reader can contact through those details.


Linking Guidelines for a Press Release

Linking is a very important part if you are publishing a press release online, as of today the most popular search engine and platform is Google, so it's better to go along with linking guidelines of Google.

Here are two important instructions for a better linking:

  1. Do not do the overlinking (means do not include too many links in the press release text)
  2. Two or maximum three links in text are fine but they should be and should appear natural, if you become too greedy for rich keyword linking if you are not popular then it can put you and the publisher in a spam problem.

Overall the linking should be and should appear natural, that's all! 

Publishing Guidelines for a Press Release

After you have ended with writing a good press release, now the time comes to broadcast it.

Points to take into notice before broadcasting a press release

  1. A Final Check and Analysis of the written press release to detect and fix any incorrectness.
  2. Search & make your choice  for the Best Press Release Sites
  3. Go for the paid press release option for instant publishing. And if you are out of budget then go for the fress press release publishing option but then broadcasting can be delayed as they are not reviewed on the priority.
  4. Don't go for multiple press release sites to avoid content duplicacy. 

Conclusive Remarks

Press Releases play important role in making the public aware about the main events or happenings of the businesses, and if they are well-written and published properly then certainly they can produce promotional and SEO related benefits for the business.

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