LibreOffice India

An Idea

Rajesh Ranjan           Chandrakant D.


  • Kannan, Rajesh, Chandrakant discussed on the thread with Charles

  • We knew that very few activity for libreoffice promotion is happening

  • So decided to have a meet-up - meet-up for ideation - something like how to start with libreoffice in India

Current Scenario - Language

Assamese - Nilamdyuti Goswami
Bengali (India) - Sankarshan/Runa
Bodo - Sanjib Narzary
English - Stuart Swales
Gujarati - Ankit Patel
Hindi - Rajesh Ranjan
Kannada - Vikram Vincent/Shankar Prasad
Maithili - Sangeeta Kumari
Malayalam - Manu Unni V G
Marathi - Sandeep Shedmake
Nepali - Saaz Rai
Oriya - Manoj Kumar Giri
Punjabi - A S Alam
Tamil - Ve. Elanjelian
Telugu - Arjuna Rao Chavala/Krishnababu Krothapalli
Urdu - Khunshan Shabbir

Current Scenario - Promotion

  • SELF   workshops on LibreOffice and a to a lesser extent on Linux - being done by same group - Thanks to Kannan and team - wonderful project
  • Red Hat has language team, lots are contributing in l10n work
  • C-DAC has been involved in training (face-to-face) various Govt. offices and educational institutions

Some Plan

  • Kannan Trying to come up with Print edition of LibreOffice Manuals (500 copies) to promote LibreOffice in colleges, who need a "printed book" for the software to be included in their curriculum - awesome!

Some Suggestions

  • Dictionary & spell-checker for Libreoffice/OOo - Aspell & hunspell
    have been stagnant for quite long

  • Cliparts - some Indian specific artwork/graphics/icons.

  • Templates or Style guide on Indic text layout/styling in documents,
    presentations, graphics. This could also give tips on how to do DTP
    like work in Libreoffice

  • Font packs - say a meta package could be defined - libreoffice-hindi-fonts , which would go ahead and pull all available

                                Karunakar's suggestions on Indlinux

Some Suggestions

  • How do we raise brand awareness on LibreOffice in India
  • Are there specific approaches we can take to promote and have people
  • Download LibreOffice? Is the distribution of physical supports (cd-roms, usb keys) a better way?
  • LibreOffice is meant for pretty much everyone, but do we have to target a key population at first?
  • LibreOffice is a community too: can we attract volunteers, developers, localizers, QA testers, documentation writers?
  • Start with small scale event somewhere in India and see who shows up. Repeat these events around the country.


Brainstrom for LibreOffice India

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