Embrace the culture. Respect the history. Drive the change.

Why are you here?


Working with others to accomplish a specific goal.

Creative Partner Goals

  • Build creative community and foster collaboration

  • Validate a new model for how media companies can work online
  • Creatively Connect Sarasota

Creativity is the lifeblood of any community. 

Digital Desert

How do you keep your finger on the pulse of Sarasota?

OLD Media

  • One way street
  • Driven by ratings and advertising
  • Broad focus/appeal to larger audiences

New Media

  • Interactive
  • Driven by storyline and influence
  • Smaller, targeted audience



A new method, idea, product, etc.

We're using technology and new media to empower creative entrepreneurs, amplify the voice of area young professionals, and drive local commerce.

Creative Partners

We’re looking for artists, writers, musicians, videographers, photographers and other creatives who are interested in sharing their work with a larger online audience.

Business Partners

We’re looking for forward-thinking businesses who are interested in a unique opportunity to grow their online brand and climb local search rankings.

Two ways to get involved

Creatively Connecting

We're Building A Digital Doorway to Sarasota.

The Digital Doorway

  • A Social, Media Company
  • The Yelp Effect
  • A Digital Chamber of Commerce

Help shape the future of Sarasota

2. Creator

Creating oringinal content for distribution on the Sarasota Underground and ray.do network. 

1. Curator

Sharing and interacting with relevant local content to help others find the information they are looking for.

Two Creative Roles

A Sneak Peek at the Software?

What You Get Out of It

  • Increased online exposure
  • Earn cash for the things you already do online
  • Help shape the future of Sarasota
  • Grow your portfolio and credentials
  • Connect with other creatives from across the region

How to make money?

  • Top performing content (monthly)
  • Best original submission (weekly)
  • Most engaging syndications (daily)
  • Misc individual assignments and paid collaborations (various)

Payouts based on total contributions from Business Partners

 A Unique Sarasota Story


Creative Commitments