PyCon.DE recap

AR, Karlsruhe, 2017


Germany, near France border

The ZKM | Center for Art and the Media



Neutrinos: who are you and if yes how many?


Dask: Next Steps in Parallel Python


Artificial Intelligence: Differentiating Hype and Real Value

Great talks

Lift your Speed Limits with Cython

Step by step code optimization using Cython. First of all for NumPy, SciPy. Static typing speed ups. Using C lists and other C primitives.
Debugging Cython code.
Cython code compilation.

Hacking the Python AST

Python speaks German.
Grammars, AST, Bytecode.
Writing own flake8 plugins using AST processing.

pip install flake8-dissrespectful-code

Plugin ecosystems for Python web-applications

Django. Plugin system. Writing signals. Homemade entrypoint processing.

pip install cookiecutter

Platform intrusion detection with deep learning

Deep learning. Bot detection. Events to check. Auto ban?

Technical Lessons Learned from Pythonic Refactoring

Basics about code refactoring. Refactoring order: integration tests, refactoring, unittests. Useless code. Naming problems. Complex code.

How to do a good talk.

Migrating existing codebases to using type annotations

Type hints.
Step by step how-to. Problems. Workarounds.
Mypy and linting.
NamedTuples with type hints

Really Deep Neural Networks with PyTorch

Really deeplearning framework: PyTorch.
Multilayer (up to 150+ layers) neural networks. Shortcuts in neural networks. NumPy on GPU computations.

Observing your applications with Sentry and Prometheus

First steps using Prometheus and Sentry in your apps.
Logging vs observing.
Format strings in py3.6

Python is Weird

AST and Bytecode.
Weird Python code samples.
Classes are functions.
Local variables stored in dictionaries.

How to fuck up really good topic.

Graphql in the Python World

GraphQL vs Graphene
GraphQL vs RESTful
GraphiQL console
SQLAlcheme integration

We should try it.

In one row

  • Selenium + PyTest + Headless Chromium = automatic screenshots
  • plumbum for better subprocessing
  • zest.releaser is a Debian's changelog alternative
  • Function-as-a-service in one command line: firefly
  • batou for automating web application deployment
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