Why 99% Of Freelancers Suck

And how not to be one of them

Rene G.  / @rene_the_hacker / www.rene.is


a freelancer...

takes discipline & patience

PS: same applies to entrepreneurs

the ultimate responsibility

is not for everyone

The path to success

Understand The Other Side

What do clients look for in a freelancer?

First of all: It's not always a good fit...

My personal red flags:

  • "looking for a job" - mentality
  • trying to make the client "happy"
  • telling me what and why xyz can't be done

Instead I look for:

  • looking to solve a problem
  • understand the client's goal and help him get there
  • tell me how xyz can be overcome

How do I convince a client to hire me?

What's your (potential) client's

#1 pain? 

Thought Experiment:

What's the most annoying thing that can happen after a client hires a freelancer? 

Maybe that helps:

That you are not able to deliver!

The truth is: Your client wants you to succeed!

And guess what! They are happy to pay you if...

...if you are:

  • able to deliver (on time of course)

  • clear and precise in communication

  • fully aware of client's pains/problems

Migate your client's risk



and underdeliver





Even better:

Shut up,


 + overdeliver 

Shut up = precise and efficient communication

You have to be on the same page as your client.

Remove any friction or room for misunderstanding...

... even when it comes from the client!

Pro Tip: Pre-deliver

(aka stand out of the croud)

You will be ahead of 99% of all your competitors.

Always remember: your work results are your best resume!

Once hired, overdeliver

Even small things matter:


  • documentation
  • comments in code
  • quick how-to video
  • changelog
  • internal annotations


Slides can be found here: