Methods of payment at robinroo casino

Bitcoin, in our opinion, is completely safe. First of all, its users retain full control over the transactions they make. Robinroo cannot charge any additional fees. When you pay, you don't provide sensitive data such as your card number, there's less chance that someone will infiltrate your account. Finally, transactions are instant and almost anonymous. Cryptocurrency transactions are much harder to trace than regular bank transfers or card payments. Finally, bitcoin, while not controlled by any government, has a limited supply. Its value continues to grow over the years.

Bitcoin is not an official government currency, so a large group of people do not trust it and do not take it seriously. In addition, the price of bitcoins is very unstable and in extreme cases can be 20% lower or higher on a given day. Despite these disadvantages, BTC allows you to remain anonymous and win at new casinos. It is definitely one of the most promising payment methods.

Payment by card

The withdrawal process is pretty much the same as when you make a deposit. After choosing the appropriate form of payment and card, the user will be asked to fill in a few fields with card details (cardholder data, card number, CVV code and card expiration date).

It is worth noting here that withdrawals are associated with much longer delays regarding payment processing time. Withdrawals are always subject to certain restrictions and verification. Each casino indicates that payments made from bank accounts take the longest time to process, and sometimes you can wait up to a week for the money.

Withdrawal fees are determined by the chosen gaming site. Before launching a game, it is worth finding out all the details about the operation of the chosen portal, as well as finding out about the delays and fees associated with card payments.

Payment card security

Many people are not attracted to the option of paying by card because the process itself can seem a little dangerous. After all, no one likes to give out confidential data on the Internet, and paying by card is always associated with providing the most important information about oneself.


Online casino virtual gambling sites are superior to regular machine halls in so many ways. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have become much more popular than regular gambling establishments. In the catalog of the club robinroo-casino user will find a huge number of emulators all kinds of gambling entertainment. And to get to them, he does not have to waste a lot of precious time on the gathering and the road. Just connect your computer to the network, find a suitable virtual space on the website, and you can play at the casino for money. It doesn't take more than a couple of minutes.

How to play for money?

To activate the selected slot machine, you need to click on a certain button. Moving to the catalog of gambling on the site casino-online, the user will see that near each slot there are two small rectangular clickable elements. The first button, as a rule, loads the emulator in the standard version with the possibility of enrichment at bets. This version of the game will be available after registration. The second button activates the download publicly available demo version.


The main advantages

The most attractive sides of virtual sites, in addition to accessibility, are also such elements as:

  • A decent selection of machines. The number of slots in the catalog of gaming services can easily be several hundred. In addition to the "one-armed bandits" here you can always see such popular, gambling entertainment such as roulette, lotteries and card games like poker;
  • Simple and very fast registration process for a new member of the club. To become a full-fledged player on the site casino-online must be found on the title page of the site the button "Registration". After interacting with her visitor will be asked to fill out a small questionnaire. Specifying their data and confirming agreement with all the rules, he will become the owner of his own account;
  • Bonus support for the most active visitors. For performing certain manipulations on the portal, you can regularly receive impressive batches of gift spins. This is quite a valuable auxiliary resource. After all, points are allowed to be used as real bets;
  • demo mode. The machine on the site of the online casino can be run not only to play for money, but also in a test non-monetary mode. This format is ideal for training in the implementation of bets. So the player can experiment as much as he wants. But most often this mode is used just for fun;
  • privileges. Another useful element is the various preferences that are provided to active players. They help to greatly simplify the process of using the service and increase the financial return. These privileges can be bought for money, won in some contest or received for some actions;
  • promotions and giveaways. Visitors to virtual institutions can not only use all the gambling emulators placed on the site, but also periodically participate in various competitive events. Such as lotteries, contests, tournaments and other such events. In them, as a rule, there are impressive sums of money and solid batch of bonuses on the line.
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