Rob Wierzbowski

How Many?

Open Source Life Lessons


See something,
do something.

Signal over noise.

Never say "I got an error." 
Say "I got this error: _______."

Never say "It didn't work." Say "I thought it would do X, but it did Y."


Share your solutions.

Always be adding to the concentration of knowledge.

Be on your best behavior.

Open source is made out of people.

Release a project.

If it's your first year on GitHub
you have to release a project.

- Tyler Durden

Code for others, not for yourself.

Building for others tends to lead to my code being cleaner & better documented even if it takes longer. Worth it.


Life is too short to use libraries without documentation.


Be bold, make friends.

Alright, let's wrap this up.

Do Research,

Simplify and Focus,

Document Everything

 Always be Learning

Examine your Actions



Nothing is magic.

This is how we learn.


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