Good feedback

Bad feedback

I like working with you

You really suck at life

You made the search really fast

You halved the time it took to execute queries in search

Since you halved the duration of the search queries I haven't had any customer complaints about our search performance

You're really arrogant

You do things without asking other people

When you started implementing the new story I had some ideas I wanted to contribute and I was frustrated I didn't have a chance to discuss them

Your work is really slow

Your work was delivered after the deadline

Because your work was delivered after the deadline I had to apologise to our client who was depending on it. If I had known it was going to be late I could have explained the situation to them better.

I like you

  • Great to work with
  • Contributes a lot to the team
  • Lots of fun to be around
  • Really knowledgeable programmer
  • Great ideas, keep sharing them!
  • Could be earning more money Facebook

I speak for everyone

  • Hard to talk to
  • Quiet
  • The team likes them
  • Works long hours
  • Negative


  • Situation
  • Actions
  • Feelings
  • Outcomes
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