Let's talk NativeScript

This changes everything!


Sam Basu | Developer Advocate | @samidip

So you want to build a Mobile App?

Your zen is lost quickly ..

Too many platforms & Development paradigms ..

Confused Developer = Sad Panda!

Too many pitfalls with Native or Hybrid Apps ..

Mobile Development Landscape

2. Go Native

You do not want Compromises!

3. Go Web Hybrid

4. Go Cross-Compiled

5. Go JS Native

1. Go Mobile Web

So why NativeScript? {N}

Truly Native X-Plat Apps

with JavaScript

Wait .. What?

Native  iOS / Andoid / Windows 10* Apps

You're Welcome!

Built with JavaScript + XML + CSS



Single Code Base

*Coming Soon

Tell me more ..

No, you don't need a glowing fruit ..

This is mind blowing ..

Yeah, it's careful orchestration.

Let's unpack the Magic!

How is this working?

{N} is built from ground up


No Cross-Compilation

No WebView

{N} is straight-up JS | Running as Native App

Under the hood

{N} works over an abstraction - a very smart one

Runs JavaScript in a Virtual Machine

JavaScriptCore VM on iOS

JavaScriptCore* VM on Windows Phone

V8 VM on Android


You write JavaScript

{N} utilizes a bridge

Has full access to Native APIs

Uses Reflection to look up Native APIs

Metadata pre-generated

List of APIs for each Platform

Injected into App package @ Build time

- That's all of iOS + Android APIs!

Plug & Play?

{N} is very flexible

Allows reuse of skills & assets

Use native libraries for each platform

Shared UI styles through CSS

Use JS libraries without DOM dependency

Business Logic in JS?

Turns out, that's a bit of a lie ...

You get full TypeScript Support. Boom!

True object-oriented programming

TS Definition Files to offer Metadata

Use Classes, Interfaces & Access Modifiers

Full Intellisense support in many editors


Yes please ...

TypeScript in place of JS 

ES6/7 in place of ES5

SASS in place of CSS

You're welcome developers!

Truly Native Apps with Angular 2 + TypeScript

Why Angular 2 with {N}?

It just makes sense ...

Both {N} & NG2 written in TypeScript

Use your Angular skills

Share code between Web & Mobile

Render X-Plat Native UI

Think I'm sold .. where to start?

{N} gives you flexibility

You get 2 ways to start and choice of IDEs!

We LOVE Open Source

Choice #1: {N} is OSS on GitHub

Check out | Use it | Fork it


Yep, it's completely FREE .. there is no catch!

How do I start?

{N} Command Line Interface makes it easy

 npm install -g nativescript

Grab the NativeScript CLI:

 tns create MyApp / tns create MyApp --ng
 tns platform add android

Create Project & Add Platforms:

 tns run android
 tns run android --emulator

Run Project on Device or Emulator:

Choice of IDE?

{N} aims to give you flexibility

Sublime Text | With complete Workflow

VS Code | Dedicated {N} Extension

Most other JS/CSS text editors

Use Telerik Platform

Choice #2: {N} is best with Telerik AppBuilder

Complete end-to-end Mobile developer Platform!

What's in Telerik Platform?

  1. ScreenBuilder
  2. AppBuilder
  3. Backend Services
  4. Mobile Testing
  5. AppManager
  6. AppFeedback
  7. Analytics
  8. Modulus

Everything you need to build a Mobile app

All the pieces nicely wrapped up in one Platform!

You'll love AppBuilder with {N}

{N} in AppBuilder

Think of it as a friend with benefits

You gain Project Templates, Cloud Builds,

Backend, Analytics & much more ..

{N} Dev in a Browser

AppBuilder In-Browser Client is rather powerful

Yes, a X-Plat Native app .. developed in browser!

{N} Dev in a Visual Studio

All the VS Bells & Whistles .. included

Telerik AppBuilder IDEs

{N} truly shines in Developer flexibility

Any Platform to suit your Mobile dev needs!

What about UI Composition?

Yes XML - it's Shared & X-Platform!

Think of it as lowest common denominator

Show me some UI

{N} uses XAML-like XML

You build a Visual Tree

<Image source="{thumbnailImageSource}" width="72" height="72"/>
<Label text="{itemTitle}" textWrap="true" cssClass="title" />
<Button text="{authoredBy}“ width="150“ cssClass="author"/>

Just like XAML/HTML

You get UI elements & Container controls

These become Native UI .. little Magical!

Is the UI smart?

{N} supports Rich DataBinding

<Image source="{thumbnailImageSource}" 

<Label text="{{ num_comments ? num_comments + ' comments' : '' }" />

XAML-like Data Binding

Off course .. it's 2-Way

Data Binding powered by Polymer Expressions!

Renders Adaptively for each platform

How do I style the UI?

{N} uses the ubiquitous CSS .. hallelujah

 <Page loaded="load">
    <Label text="{{ message }}" />

 .Label {
      color: red;
      font-size: 20;
      margin: 20;

Yep - CSS to style Mobile App elements!

We know you're a CSS ninja .. now use it.

Can I invoke Native UI?

{N} supports Native UI element instatiation

 var alert = new UIAlertView();
 alert.message = "Hello World";

Native UI

Invoked through JS!

What makes up a {N} Project?

You're asking all the right questions ..

Combination of UI, Logic, Styling & Modules!

A Typical {N} Project

All your components in one place

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words ..

What's a Module?

{N} bridge that takes functionality X-Platform

- Just like a Node module

- Dozens available | You can write custom modules

Show a Module in action

{N} allows you to bring in what's needed

- This is a generic HTTP Module

- Works the same way in each Platform

 var http = require("http");
           // result is a JSON object
           // do stuff

Module to Native 

{N} does the mapping .. so you don't have to

 var fileSystem = require("file-system");
 new fileSystem.File(somePath);

 new java.io.File(somePath);


Translates this as ..

Translates this as ..

You had me at Native with JS!

Yeah, we're just as excited.

There is a lot we covered though ..

Why {N} again?

You're a Mobile Ninja


{N} is here to help!

Feel the Native Zen

Tooling that elevates X-Plat Mobile


Native X-Platform Mobile with JS/TS

nativescript.org | @NativeScript

Go build your dream app!

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