X-Plat Hybrid Mobile Dev

With Telerik Platform

Sam Basu | @samidip

 Developer Advocate | Telerik

Telerik AppBuilder


Let's get going .. You're going to love this!

So, you want to build a mobile app?

See the problem?


Yeah, let's not always do that.

There is a better way


You need Cross-Platform!

Use your Web skills


Build Hybrid Cross-Platform mobile apps!

Why you'll love Hybrid

  • True single Codebase for all platforms

  • Ease of HTM5/CSS/JavaScript

  • Access to Native APIs

  • App Store presence & monetization

  • Users cannot tell the difference


Part of the Telerik Platform


Hybrid Mobile Development, simplified!


  1. Developer Freedom

  2. End-to-End Tooling

  3. All needed Services

AppBuilder under Covers

Uses Apache Cordova

JavaScript proxies to Native APIs 

Let's build an App

Where to begin?

Head over to


And sign in ..

Get set up

WorkSpace - Placeholder for AppBuilder projects

Create a new one!


Once you have a WorkSpace, create a Project

Pick AppBuilder Hybrid

Next up, choose a template

And name your app!

Wait .. as Unicorns create your AppBuilder Project

Voila .. your Mobile dev kit

In a Browser!

AppBuilder In-browser Client

  • Solution Explorer

  • Device-specific WYSIWIG panel

  • Markup/JS Editor with syntax highlighting

  • File Manager & OutPut window

  • Build/Deploy/Publish options

Seeing is believing

Project looks good

But, where can we run our App?

Just pick your platform

And fire away!

Boom .. iOS Simulator

In your Browser!

Simulator flexibility

You can switch up OS versions

And simulate GeoLocation & Network strength

Other platforms?

Sure, works the same in Android & Windows Phone

But simulators go only as far

I want the App running on a real device ..

Let's fire up a Build

Build artifacts

You can build App Packages for each platform


Or, build for the AppBuilder Companion App!

Pick what you need

AppBuilder Companion App

Think of it as a shell that runs your Hybrid app

Available in iOS, Android & Windows Phone Stores



Companion App benefits

Allows for provision-less app deployment

To real devices!


Did we mention ..

You don't need a Mac to build iOS apps!


Simple .. just scan the QR Code

Works the same way in iOS, Android & Windows Phone!


Once deployed, no need for full Builds

Simply Save your changes in AppBuilder project


Works on simulators & real devices!

Oh, and see the Publish link on top?

Pull the trigger

Publish to iOS, Android & Windows Phone Stores

Straight from inside of AppBuilder!


Off course, needs provisioning or certificates & so on ..

Few more AppBuilder features ..

Project Templates that help

Plug & Play

Package Managers .. out of the box!

Adaptive Rendering

Thanks to Open-Source Kendo UI Mobile framework ..


Hook up your AppBuilder project to a Repo

Work in teams .. always stay in sync!

Plugins to Native APIs

Use Cordova or Telerik verified Plugins ..

One more thing ..

You can do all this from

AppBuilder Command Line Interface!


Works on both OSX & Windows

Install & Create

Same Project structures .. All Templates supported!

$ sudo npm install -g appbuilder
$ appbuilder create hybrid MyHybridApp


Native simulators for iOS, Android & Windows Phone

$ appbuilder simulate




Companion or Native App Packages

QR Code Deployment!

$ appbuilder build ios –companion
$ appbuilder build android --companion
$ appbuilder build wp8 --companion

And, one more thing ..


We love SubLime Text as much as do!

Stay in Sublime

All day long .. 

With the AppBuilder Package for Sublime!

Build & Deploy

One last thing ..

You know that IDE that developers LOVE?

Yup, Visual Studio


Yeah, you can do everything in Visual Studio!

AppBuilder VS Extension

Same project templates ..

Build X-Plat Mobile apps

Never having to leave Visual Studio!

Just hit F5 to run your app

Native simulators for iOS, Android & Windows Phone!

We promised Developer freedom!

It's okay ..


We're just as excited!

X-Plat Mobile Developers Rock


Now, go build your dream

We're right here to support you!

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