Distributed Data for true business continuity

CyberAssureTech does not replace your existing backup system, but acts as

a Safety net for your existing Backup

Your backup is the primary target once your system is compromised


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"We've seen a number of ransomware incidents lately where the victims had backed up their essential data, but all the backups were online at the time of the incident. It meant the backups were also encrypted and ransomed together with the rest of the victim's data"


National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

Since 2016, over 4,000 ransomware attacks on average occur daily in the United States

(1.5M Annually)


-U.S. Department of Justice

“Cybercriminals try every hospital, every day; every computer, multiple times a day.”


-Dean Sittig, PhD
Professor at UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics


Your critical data is at risk of being encrypted.

Major security enterprises are being hacked, and any "immutable" backup solutions on the market are inherently vulnerable

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3-2-1 Backup Strategy

3 copies of your data

2 medias

1 offline

Quantimize your data by storing multiple copies of encrypted shreds of your data across thousands of nodes on a blockchain network


Introducing 3-2-1

Once your data is uploaded into the Blockchain Archive Server

It is duplicated

Sharded, and encrypted

And then distributed across

nodes on every major cloud provider

and an ITAR military grade facility

If any node becomes compromised,

your data would remain indecipherable

Only the smart contract contains the information to reconstitute your data

And the private key is handed to the customer for safe keeping, ensuring they are only person that can read the data.

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Dual Blockchain Architecture

Designed for high-risk /regulatory /data reliant industries

If you cannot afford to lose your data, CyberAssureTech offers a tertiary or quarternary solution as a failsafe in case your backup fails.

Distributed Data offers superior protection

This is a first-to-market solution, keeping your data safe from attackers with cutting-edge technology.

Last digital Mile as your first security initiative

If you are just beginning to implement a security strategy, start with the last digital mile, so you always have something to recover from

Pricing starts at:

$300/ 100GB/ month

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  • Critical data only (no images)
  • 8 to 1 average compression ratio
  • Doesn't store malware or viruses


“One of the most effective data assurance solutions on the market today.”

-Tony Scott
Former CIO of United States Government,
Microsoft, VMware, GM Motors

Major Customers

“I can finally sleep at night knowing we have the BAS”



Major Healthcare System in Maryland


“We knew blockchain offered the level of security we wanted ”

-Security Consultant


San Ysidro

Hospital System


Next Steps

Discovery Call (1 hr)

     -Explain the process, address concerns

     -Discover your critical data

     -Generate quote (usually $300/mo)


Technical Install (<30 min)

     -Automate upload of specified directories

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Addressing the

“Shared Responsibility Model”

  • SaaS is quickly becoming the default tool for how we build and scale businesses. It’s cheaper and faster than ever before. However, this reliance on SaaS comes with one glaring risk that’s rarely discussed.
  • The “Shared Responsibility Model” impacts all of cloud computing. Even for SaaS, users are on the hook for protecting their own data.
  • Human error, cyber threats and integrations that have gone wrong are the main causes of data loss in SaaS. And it’s not uncommon, in one study, about 40% of users have said they have lost data in SaaS applications.
  • A data continuity strategy is essential in SaaS, otherwise you may be scambling to restore all information you rely on each and every day.

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