Influencers: Interacting with influencers on social

PR Summit 2014, 29 April 2014

How we work at 

The Wall Street Journal

Tool 1: Twitter lists

Tool 2: RT

Ukraine/Crimea/Russia: @paulsonne


Curation: Social slideshow






Tool 3: Reddit AMA

Tool 4: Google+ Hangout

Tool 5: WorldStream


Curation: Social stories

How do you work?

  • How do you profile and work out who your influencers are? 
  • Journalists and bloggers: What's the best way to engage?
  • Which types of story do they pick up on social?
  • How do bloggers fit in with your strategy? 
  • How do you analyse the quality of segmentation they bring?
  • How do you feed the content and information you get back into the business to help develop new ideas

The journalist's view: 

10 tips for PRs

1. Put your name in the Twitter account bio

2. Upload CC images to Flickr and have a media section on your site

3. Build relationships and participate in the conversation. RT journalists' stories

4. Tailor your pitch. A short email is best. Avoid attachments. PDFs are annoying.

5. Be targeted in your approach

6. Don't be put off if you don't hear. There are busy days and less busy days

7. Some journalists and bloggers are short of stories at Christmas

8. Use a range of platforms, such as Instagram

9. It's not all about Twitter

10. You don't need traditional news media to get your story out

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