Drupal 8.1


Sascha Grossenbacher

It's out! What does it mean?




  • 8.0.6 is the last release for 8.0.x
  • No security releases for 8.0.x anymore


=> Update your sites ASAP, 4th may is the next security release window

New features/changes

  • API improvements for Entity API
  • Javascript testing support using phantomjs
  • Composer vendor directory removed from git
  • Migrate UI and API changes (plugin instead of config entity)
  • BigPipe
  • Updated to Symfony 2.8
  • @file no longer required for classes
  • Test changes, many kernel tests converted to phpunit


  • Vendor directory removed
  • Only affects git checkouts, releases still have it
  • Run composer install


Kernel Tests

  • \Drupal\simpletest\KernelTestBase is deprecated in favor of \Drupal\KernelTests\KernelTestBase (phpunit)
  • might* get removed in 8.2.0
  • Most core kernel tests already converted




* That's what is documented.

That's it?


Kind of.


First minor release.


Also lots of bugfixes and smaller improvements.

Backwards compatibility



  • Quite a few parts are excluded from BC
    • Render arrays
    • Tests
    • Protected methods
    • Controllers
    • @internal
  • New in 8.1: Additional methods can be added to interfaces, unless tagged with @api.

Release cycle

Features for Drupal 8.2?

  • Depends on what people work on
  • Usually, getting something into core requires time and focus
  • Incubator contrib projects: entity, ctools

Drupal 9?

  • A lot of deprecated methods and functions will be removed
  • Use an IDE that highlights @deprecated, avoid it in new code
  • Update your contrib modules (no rush)
  • Everything else is still open I think



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