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What is Podman?

A container management tool…?!

Initially planned as debugging tool for the Kubernetes container runtime CRI-O

Now a feature-rich tool which can be used as a replacement for Docker

Traditionally, most Podman talks start with…

alias docker=podman

Getting started

Arch Linux

pacman -S podman

Fedora / CentOS

dnf install podman

openSUSE Tumbleweed / Leap

zypper in podman

More packages available for:

Gentoo, macOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian

Already built-in into

openSUSE Kubic, 

Fedora-CoreOS, Fedora SilverBlue  

During the installation

The following 73 NEW packages are going to be installed:
  apparmor-parser blog catatonit chkstat cni cni-plugins conmon
  cracklib dbus-1 fuse-overlayfs iptables kbd kbd-legacy kmod
  libapparmor1 libargon2-1 libaudit1 libblkid1 libblogger2 libcap-ng0
  libcontainers-common libcrack2 libcryptsetup12 libdb-4_8 libdbus-1-3
  libdevmapper1_03 libeconf0 libexpat1 libfdisk1 libfuse3-3
  libglib-2_0-0 libip4tc2 libip6tc2 libjson-c4 libkmod2 libmnl0
  libmount1 libnetfilter_conntrack3 libnfnetlink0 libnftnl11 libnsl2
  libpcre2-8-0 libpkgconf3 libqrencode4 libseccomp2 libsemanage1
  libsepol1 libsmartcols1 libtirpc-netconfig libtirpc3 libutempter0
  libuuid1 libxtables12 pam pam-config permissions permissions-config
  pkgconf pkgconf-m4 pkgconf-pkg-config podman runc shadow slirp4netns
  system-group-hardware systemd systemd-presets-branding-MicroOS
  systemd-presets-common-SUSE sysuser-shadow sysvinit-tools udev
  util-linux xtables-plugins

Architecture Facts

daemonless container engine
(using conmon for container lifetime monitoring)

supports rootless containers

uses the Container Networking Interface (CNI)

utilizes lower level container runtimes like runc and Kata Containers


That’s it.



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