Some Digital Museum Systems...

live locally

  • Collections Management (CMS)
    (TMS, KE)
  • Digital Asset Management (DAMS)
    (Piction, Nuxeo)
  • In-gallery Kiosks/tableware
    (Open Exhibits, MS Surface)

Some Museum Systems...

live on servers

  • Content Management (CMS)
    (WordPress, Drupal, Omeka)
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Web Presence (flat HTML pages or integrating systems)
  • Social Media Networks & Feeds (Instagram, Twitter, FB)
    and possibly...
  • Collections Management (CMS)
  • Digital Asset Management (DAMS)

These systems may or may not talk to one another or share content

Seb Chan, "API at the Center of the Museum," Cooper Hewitt Labs,

Some Do

Social Media

is always changing

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