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(Open Sourcing my Role as Indiana Jones)

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Get Comfortable

And get ready to use your imaginations

Year 79 AD

(I realize 79 CE is the current accepted term)

More History to Explain the History

(Meta-programming History?)

Augustus Caesar

Pax Romana








Yes. Concrete


Let's Get Specific

  • Aug 24, 79AD
  • You're still in Pax Romana but you live in the city of Pompeii.
  • Things have been a little troubling recently...

Nothing to Worry About



So wrong.


On so many levels.

Plinian Eruption

Same as Mount St Helens



They are why we know all this

Academic Research

I hope you didn't forget that I work at a university

Higher Education Myths

Universities are making BANK!

Sadly, no.

Real Story

State  provides % of University Budget:

  • 1985: ~70%

  • 2015: ~20%

Costs have gone up.

university inc



This is terrible :(

There is hope...

From Silicon Valley????

Enough about Academia

Ruby is Awesome!

finding a ruby job...

Traditional Routes



Replicating Errors


Patches/Bug Fixes


Not for everyone...

The path of the many???

I ended up on a different path...

It started at a lunch

I'm kind of a nerd...

Databases? Not to brag but I'm kind of an expert....

In my gemfile I recently changed:


gem "sqlite3"


gem "pg"


So yeah, I've got experience with databases...

How I felt inside...

What they had...

2 days later...

Bootstrap FTW

Good deed done

I'm going to Italy!!!

Archeologist Credentials FTW!!!

They couldn't have done this on their own.

Many Similar Problems

Consistent Problems

  • Enter and Update data
  • Review/lock data
  • Log In
  • Uploads

We've Solved These

Ruby Solutions

  • Simple Form
  • Rolify
  • Devise
  • Carrierwave

Why this way?


Let me digress...

Come Next Year

June 16-19, 2016


Conservation Institute

Shenandoah National Park 

Awesome Neighbours

Red Pandas

Clouded Leopards

These things


  • Cheetahs
  • Bison
  • and more! (Oh my!)

Plus some great projects

Like for a professor who is doing research with RED PANDAS.

Stop by your local University

Or get in touch with me.

  • I can't promise travel

  • I can promise knowledge

Thanks for Listening!


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