What exactly does it take to become a leader in the areas of global finance and marketing? How does one establish himself or herself as an entrepreneur that can handle a wide variety of professional industries and products? Entrepreneur, marketing expert, and financial professional Sebastian Greenwood is an individual who has achieved massive amounts of success in a relatively short amount of time. Budding entrepreneurs, recent graduates, as well as international experts would all benefit from studying the profile of such a motivated and accomplished individual.

Honesty as a form of leadership is a rarely discussed but important topic.

Sebastian Greenwood: Profile of a Financial Expert

Sebastian Greenwood began his financial career with the right education. He graduated from the Östra Reals economics program in Stockholm and the prestigious Frankfurt European Business School in Germany. Greenwood’s education provided the foundation for many of his leadership characteristics, including an eye for emerging markets, honesty as a form of leadership, and the ability to recognize the potential of the people he works with. Greenwood’s first position was as a junior analyst at Bloomberg Financial Markets. From there, he held a number of positions, including manager at KPMG Transaction Services, Director of Sales at Greenwood Communications, CEO of Mediahead, Director of Marketing at StepVenture, and Founder and Co-founder of iPayto and LOOPIUM, respectively. This diversification exemplifies Greenwood’s professionalism. His experiences are varied and this is what gives him the ability to work on a variety of projects and in a variety of positions.


Greenwood is currently a key player for OneCoin, a cryptocurrency company that was launched in the wake of the success of Bitcoin, which was founded in 2008. OneCoin is a highly diverse company with employees from all over the world. Their backgrounds are in finance, leadership, marketing, and international economics. Greenwood himself has lived and worked in a variety of countries including the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. His eye for emerging markets is what drew him to cryptocurrency because he saw the potential that an alternative to financial institutions might have in the modern world.

Technology has always been a source of inspiration for Sebastian Greenwood, and now more than ever that interest is paying off in big ways. The massive success of OneCoin is only a small part of his track record of success. Additional information can easily be found online. It is also possible to follow Sebastian Greenwood on Twitter.