BEYOND subreddits

Someone created a presentation about some (not so) super-secret subreddits and a funny thing happened on the way to SAINTCON


exfiltrating our security bubble

Utah's security community really needs to get out of its shell


  • Subreddits for Utah's security community
  • Opportunities to advance security in Utah

this presentation

'90s:  BBSs, MS-DOS, Commodore64

2013:  First SAINTCON!

2015: +

2016+:  Security & privacy advocate

Jon Jarvis

  • share links & text, comment, discuss
  • anyone can create a user account
  • anyone can create a subforum
  • subforums are called subreddits
  • subreddits have moderators
  • subreddits can be styled with CSS


Hopefully, this subreddit will:

  • expand on the workshops and presentations
  • continue social and professional relationships
  • serve as an informal repository of con materials
  • attract more Utahns to next year's conference

Only approved users can create a post

Any reddit user can comment


Hopefully, this subreddit will:

  • enable more interaction among members

  • allow for longer and more nuanced discussions

  • help us share and increase our knowledge

  • encourage involvement elsewhere in Utah

Private subreddit (...for now?)

Only approved users can view, create a post, or comment


Cybersecurity == Public Safety
Encryption SHOULD be the default
Privacy SHOULD be protected
InfoSec REQUIRES human diversity
From RFC 2119:
InfoSec REQUIRES human diversity

We need:

A mix of gender, race, backgrounds, experiences

Lawyers that can parse code and networks

Hospitals that can evaluate hardware security

Government employees that can ensure data integrity

Librarians that can identify and prevent privacy leaks

Small businesses that can focus on business

Info Sec jobs in Utah

BLS: May 2015 State Occupational Employment

  • ~ 1,324,460 'employed people' in Utah

  • ~ 40k classified as IT jobs  ( 3% of total )

  • ~ 360 Information Security Analysts

  • ~ 700 SAINTCON attendees

  • ...who else is out there that could be here?

tech in Utah =

Educated, tech-ready workforce

Startups and VCs are mushrooming

Gov tech is top 5 for past decade  [2008-2014, 2016]

Utah leads the country in tech sector growth

CNBC: Utah is #1 state for business


Why are you here at SAINTCON?

Why do you care about security?

How will you use your new superpowers?

How will you contribute to your community?

What will you do to improve security in Utah?


tech conferences & groups

non-tech opportunities


Political Process, State Politicians


Lawyers, Law Firms


Startups, VCs, Business






Domestic Abuse Services,

Women's Shelters, Homeless Shelters


Client safety is paramount

what's next?

I don't know, but it will be awesome

SAINTCON 2017: you, up here, talking about the great thing you did

thank you!

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