Group Project

SECOND Edition


the road so far...

We've started this adventure 16 weeks ago.

 a full set of skills

In 16 weeks, we've covered the essential aspects of back end programming in Java and front end programming in JavaScript.

You are now armed with the set of necessary skills to create a full project, from one end to the other.

you know what this means, right?

(Welcome to your second group project!)

for real, now...

The next few days will be lecture free; your time will be fully reserved for the development of an application of your choice.


On August 30th you will have to:

  • Have produced a Web application, following the rules we will later discuss
  • Deliver a public GitHub repo from where I can clone the code you'll produce
  • Present your application, according to the set of rules we will later discuss.



The application you'll be creating must be web application that:


  • is created using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • consumes an API, which can very much be the Rentacar API we've created in Java


Other application specs are completely up to you.


There are only two important dates to remember:


29/08 (11:59pm) - GitHub repo delivery
30/08 (14h) - Project presentations



The link to your GitHub project should be sent to me, by email, on Sunday (August 30th), by 11:59 pm max.


Email address:



⚠️ Please respect the deadline.

(I'll use the morning time to take a look at your code so I can then ask questions/give feedback once you're done with your presentation.)

Proper github use

Your GitHub repo should include your history of commits, aka the several phases your project went through before you present the final version on monday.


Remember the feedback given And the mistakes made in the first group project

other considerations

Your GitHub repo should show commits from EVERYONE.


⚠️ Remember: it's a group project.

(Special focus on the GROUP part.)



On monday afternoon, you'll begin presenting your applications.

The order of presentation will be defined randomly.


The presentation should include:


  • The description of your application, including what it does and how to use it
  • Your developing process, including which development methodology you followed (or tried to)
  • A live demonstration of your application being used


⚠️ Presentations should LAST around 20 min.


After each presentation, each group will be given a 20 min time window where we will all discuss your work.


This discussion might, or might not, include a small code review.


⚠️Every group member should be involved in both the presentation and discussion of the project.



5 people will be chosen to have the responsibility of dividing the class into 5 groups of 3 students.

fate WILL decide that!

Click here for the magnificent wheel of names!

The secret room meeting.

Final groups

António G. Catarina Ângelo Diogo António A.
David Miguel Manuela Filipa Diana
Sara Pedro O. Ricardo Pedro M. Jorge
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