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Unique for its fast-paced sprint methodology, talented team and commitment to impact

We highly invest in being the best

Trusted by many leading brands

Developing software

Data analysis

B2B leadgeneration

Visual content

Online advertising

B2C ecommerce

Growth experiments

Business strategies

Growth is our expertise

Every month we try something new to increase the productivity & efficiency of our lives.


Productivity hacking 🎧

1 outfit every day

(Einstein & Steve Jobs style)  🎧

10.000 steps a day 🚶‍♂️

one month no alcohol 🍷

Get up at 6AM every morning

100 Push up challenge 💪







What will be our next experiment?

Experimenting is in our nature

Meet the team




Growth strategist & founder

Growth lead & UI/UX specialist

Growth hacker

The spiritual father of Sprints & Sneakers, loves disruption in models and ideas and always aims for the bigger, the better and the greater good

Maartje is a growth hacker who gives you new creative insights and structure in your (paid) social and content strategy to help you grow.

Creative Growth Hacker and User Experience Designer with a proven track record in performance marketing - based on data and creative insights.




Partner & Head of Growth

Sales & Marketing

Growth Wizard + Developer

A passionate and allround digital strategist with love for his clients and the endless possibilities that are provided to us in order to facilitate growth.

A passionate sales and marketing specialist who wants to realise client’s goals and dreams. Skilled in connecting people.

Software engineer gone growth hacker; Bob's control over computers is such that they'll work for him even if he's not there.


Rose Marie.

Growth hacker

Growth hacker

An ambitious and driven growth hacker who loves to be challenged. Thinking in possibilities and setting up data-driven experiments for my clients gives me a lot of energy.

Growth Hacker with an entrepreneurial mindset and not afraid to ask critical questions and test assumptions.


Growth lead

Growth lead focussing on

ecommerce growth




Growth Lead

Growth hacker

Growth Lead

Growth hacker driven by realizing value for the customer, not with 'smart sales techniques'.

Digital enthusiast who's always wondering about ‘what’s in it for them?’ Fascinated about why we buy or act and make sure people do.

Growth Hacker in the making, completely bewitched by everything advertising. Working hard to make people madly fall in love with brands.

Within 2 days

Whatsapp automation

Linkedin organic booster

We've created a Chrome extension which automatically boosts your linkedin post by members of your chosen group.

Our automation puts a virtual assistent on your phone number which sends and respond to messages.

We develop our own tools 🛠

Within 2 days


Pro bono social projects

We are doing at least 4 pro bono projects a year for organizations with a social cause.

Having a sustainable business & transparant financial model has been incorporated in our company statutes.

Our social resposibility 🌍🌱

Client cases

Product launch with a bang 💥

+ 250K

+ 240

Organic reach

Shares on launch video

Tricking the facebook algorithm by

Getting as many people to share the post within the first 10 min and using ad budget for (re)targeting

Lead generation

On email databases & send email blasts

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion optimised landing page + special offer (5 second test, heat maps, recordings,  A/B testing)

Advanced tracking on website

With custom parameters personalized performance dashboard


Launch strategy, sprint method, experiment ranking  dashboard

+ 250

+ 1000


Likes & subscribers

Ecommerce growth

+ 48%

+ 500%

Retention rate

Peak monthly revenue

The beginning: finding Problem/solution fit

We have been conducting real-life research with customers: sitting next to them when they first saw to the platform and examining their behaviour.

Platform evolution

The platform has been continuously evolving over time. This is both a qualitative as a quantitative process where we use heatmaps & recordings to examine visitor behaviour.

Growth focus over time

Growth is process, a process that focused on improving metrics in the PIRATE funnel.

Build data lake & ultimate performance dashboard

 We have full insights from the total market to the CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) of every individual customer.

Always the best price!


We built a KvK (Dutch chamber of commerce) search integration to fasten up the sign-up process.

+ 3000

+ 3


Platform interactions

Viral madness with STAIY

+ 1m

+ 2500



Launch & Growth strategy

We've sat down with the STAIY team for a whole weekend to brainstorm on different launch strategies.

Viral campaign

A viral campaign set the basis of our growth. We've tried to get as many people onboard as we could.

LinkedIn automation

Spreading awareness in the B2B sector is not that easy. With automated Linkedin messaging, we've reached 100 vendors per day

Facebook Ads & email marketing campaigns

To boost the viral campaign and brand awareness, we've used facebook and e-mail to create multiple touchpoints with possible clients.

Implemented data structure & Ecommerce tracking


We've integrated tracking to ensure STAIY they could work with correct data.

+ 50

+ 1200

Orders week 1


Qrios' ROI record

+ 300k

+ 128.996


People reached

Awareness and conversion campaign strategy

we've created a summer campaign strategy to inform all possible and relevant target audiences of all available courses. First point of contact would be Facebook - Where Google primairly served as conversion channel.

Landingpages & facebook advertising

Every promoted course had its own landing page with relevant information we've tested 109 different ads to optimize performance.

Google search campaigning

Search acted as conversion channel with 6 campaigns and 32 ad variations.

+ 1176




How to get more signups



More users

Increase conversion

Finding new target audiences in Facebook

We've used look a like audiences on a global scale segmenting each contintent with their own charasteristics. Optimization was key, leading to a skyrocketing amount of sign ups.

Email automations with mailchimp and intercom

All e-mail content supported users gain the right information to decide if they wanted to start using the platform.

SEA advertising & SEO migration

Regularly updating SEA campaigns and running a complete SEO migration helpt maintain rankings which results in a lot more organic traffic.



New users

Increase in signups

What others say






First office


15 clients


New office


Sprints &. Sneakers


12 employees



First company takeover


New office



B-corp certification



28 employees



First Workation NL


Workation Villa BE


43 employees

Bart Snijders - Growth Strategist & founder


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