Where To Learn Swimming In Singapore?

If parents are looking for a private swimming lessons that specializes in teaching children, we recommend that they visit the Little Fishes. If you want your child to learn to swim, you should definitely check out the facilities for your child's swimming course.


Whichever facility you prefer, make sure your school is a reputable one, with a structured swimming program and that your private trainer has a recognized connection to one of the best swimming schools in the country.

While most swimming lessons Singapore take place in your local community pool, you can also find swimming instructors willing to come to your home pool for private or small group lessons, often adding an extra charge for the trip.

Learn swimming skills through these lessons conducted by experienced swim coaches in Singapore.


1. Swimclasses.org

2. Swimminglessons.com.sg

3. Singaporeswimming.com

4. Honeykidsasia.com

5. Swimmerse.com