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Stefan Reich



Nov 2nd, 2018 [Draft]


Personal, learning, voice-controlled digital assistants will support every PC or smartphone user in their daily lives.


We call it the "Ultimate User Experience" - automating the user's tasks in a personal way.

Executive Summary

We create the software technology behind personal voice-based assistants.

We also produce our own image and speech recognition modules.

This enables users to control software they use daily in a wildly more intuitive way.

The Problem

Software today is unflexible and has a high learning curve. Even to complete simple tasks, users have to learn a complex idiosyncratic user interface. Automation is hard or impossible.

The Solution

Let the UI learn from the user! We propose a speech-based interactive workflow.

Example: All you need for using a video software is knowing how to say "Please cut this video after the first scene and save it as an MP4."

Market Opportunity


  • Product chatbots
  • Corporate automation



  • Personal automation
  • AI as entertainment

Product 1

Custom product chatbots for corporate web sites. Built to customers' specifications, these chat bots are a smarter replacement for a traditional on-site search field.

Product 2

Personal AI as an app. Similar to Siri and Cortana, but way more flexible and personal, these AIs cater to a user's individual automation needs.

Product 3

Process automation for corporate users. The near-endless expenses for data management and processing in a corporate setting can be reduced greatly using learning speech-based custom assistants.


  • Working AI technology stack based on Java which runs on Windows, Apple, Linux, Android and web servers
  • Control and interact with 3rd party software through different means (native libraries, APIs, screen control)
  • Working proprietary NLU (natural language understanding) modules and are beginning to build our own image and audio recognition

Revenue Model

  • Large part of software is open source to facilitate adoption
  • Revenue source 1: Product chat bots built to order
  • Revenue source 2: Custom automations for corporate customers
  • Revenue source 3: Support our open source software for corporate users
  • Revenue source 4: Paid app


  • 2014: Started full-time software development of core product
  • October 2018: Core product finished

    Planned milestones
  • End of 2018: Secure seed funding
  • 1st half of 2019: Package & market individual products
  • End of 2019: Break even

Growth Strategy

  • Channels to win customers:
    • Live meetups
    • Online tutorials
    • Viral demos
  • Difference to competitors: Our system is more flexible, spans more platforms and will ultimately be way more personal and efficient than existing assistants


Stefan Reich: Founder, main developer

Andrzej Wiencek: Business advisor, communications


  • Work with freelancers:

    • Copy writers (chat bot designer)

    • Testers/QA

    • Marketing/sales partners

  • Background Stefan Reich:
      -studied Computer Science at Uni Hamburg (BoS)
      -worked for University of Illinois and Google



  • No capital raised so far
  • Money needed from investors: € 350,000 (seed funding)
  • Other help needed from investors: legal assistance, business assistance, mentoring
  • Additional rounds planned: depends on development

Call to action

The time for AI begins now. Let's be at the forefront!
We have the means to lead the pack.