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SAP HANA Timeline

  • After years of development SAP HANA enters a maturity phase.
  • Customer adoption rates accelerate rapidly.
  • ERP business processes are made available for SAP HANA platform starting with S/4HANA Finance.
  • SAP BW already on SAP HANA.
... is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system.

... it performs advanced analytics (predictive, spatial, text, streaming, graph data processing) and includes ETL capabilities and an application server.

... is SAP future platform designed to leverage the benefits of digital transformation.


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1) Currently there are overall 🌍124 associate certifications offered consisting of initiate and delta courses.

2) Currently 🌍 6 specialist certifications are offered through SAP training.

3) Currently there are 🌍 16 professional certifications offered.

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