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Lead UX Engineer at
National Rugby League








Rebuilding the NRL


  • Enterprise CMS
  • .NET back-end
  • Primarily a content platform
  • A number of complex and dynamic UIs
  • Really short timeframes

React Habitat

You should use React Habitat any time there is a framework or CMS rendering your HTML and you
want one or multiple React components on the page

This framework is perfect for that


  • React is good at building interactive UI
  • Components can easily be inserted in the DOM
  • Stringified JSON can be passed as props; reducing the need to fetch initial data


  • Double-divving
  • Components can't cross-communicate without
    a pub/sub mechanism or Redux 😔
  • Need to add interactivity to existing HTML?
    Recreate every HTML component in JS 😩
  • JS bundle keeps getting bigger & parse times longer 😫
  • Before JS is initialised, there is no content 😱

Hello, Glandular Fever

Hello, Quench Vue

Simple, client-side hydration of pre-rendered Vue.js apps


  • Vue is really good at building interactive UI
  • Multiple apps can easily be inserted in the DOM
  • Stringified JSON can be passed as initial data
  • Apps can easily cross-communicate via an event bus
  • Fewer templates need to be maintained in JS, resulting in a smaller & faster bundle
  • Allows for server-side rendering without Node.js


  • What started as a 411b library has
    ballooned to 1.1kb minified & gzipped 😎
  • There‘s no ideal way of documenting our applications‘ data structures
  • We duplicate some of our template markup in
    Handlebars & Razor templates
  • We have to manage our other templates in JS string literals, but we‘re hoping to change that
    (Atom actually makes it not too painful though)

Vue 101

Using Quench

  • Output your default data within a [q-data] attribute
  • Bind data properties to DOM nodes with [v-text]
  • Hide elements from the compiler with <!-- <q> -->
  • Convert the [q-data] with createAppData()
  • Create the template with createAppTemplate()

How does it work?

The News page uses 4 unique Vue apps

Multiple apps? Huh?!

  • We‘re not an SPA, so we don‘t need to manage the entire application‘s state from one single source
  • Unlike React, Vue has a clear distinction between what‘s an app and what‘s a component
  • Each app is restricted in its scope. It only has the exact template and data that it needs
  • Each page of the website can be completely different
  • Our resilience to failure is much greater with everything independent
  • All aspects of performance has improved:
    file size, TTFMP, TTFI, reflow etc
  • Developer experience is really good:
    simpler to learn, code & reason about
  • We can test live data really easily in dev
  • User experience is even better!

Our verdict

with a

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