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Hist. 32 / Holidays in the Empire

Doing Research:
A few quick tips

1. Choose research tools that let you

    filter your results.

2. Pay close attention to how you search.

3. Actively organize your findings
    as you go.

Research Tools for Finding Scholarly Sources

To find books + journal articles:

   • Search Tripod, the TriCo library catalog: 
   • A subject-focused database such as Historical Abstracts can

      help you find articles and books written by historians.





   • Multi-subject research tools like JSTOR and Google Scholar let

      you search across a wide range of articles and books (while still

      focusing on scholarly research)

History Research Tools:

Research Tool Content Focus Geographic Focus (of articles) Matches your search term in...
Historical Abstracts Articles from history journals Outside of the US and Canada Summary of each article
America, History & Life Articles from history journals US and Canada Summary of each article
JSTOR Articles from journals (all fields) All Every word in the article

Research Guides
& Historical Abstracts

In Research Guides, search for: Holidays in the Empire

Get started: Go to Tripod (

                      Select Research Guides (link at top)

On the History 032 Research Guide:
- Go to page: Scholarly Articles & Books

 - Find link for: Historical Abstracts

OR imperial
OR colonial
OR colonialism

OR food
OR cuisine

OR culinary


OR French
OR Francophone

How to do this search (works in JSTOR, Tripod, Historical Abstracts, etc.)

(empire OR imperial OR colonial) AND (France OR French OR Francophone)

Try this search in Historical Abstracts.

AND (eating OR food OR cuisine OR culinary)

Choosing better keywords:

Why not (travel OR tourism)?

-> Omeka & Neatline

Guidebook (Exhibits)

Interactive Map (Neatline)

Glossary (Simple Page)


Guidebook Exhibits

Guidebooks: Editing an Exhibit

Edit Guidebook Description

Choose a Cover Image

Add Sections (Pages) 

Add Content Blocks 

Neatline Interactive Map

Pin = Record

Pin / Record


Adding Pins/Records    (Neatline Interactive Map)

Choose Style

Under Tags, enter the category keyword for your pin.

Note- There's one more step before the emoji will appear.

You'll find category keywords on the next slide.

Add Emoji to Pins/Records    (Neatline Interactive Map)

Category Enter this in Point Image field...
to display this emoji on the map:
Sections & Composition of Guidebook guidebooks 📚
Infrastructure/Geography geography
People people 👤
Religion religion 🕌
Climate & Healing climate

Cities cities 🏘
Local Culture culture 🌙
Economy economy 💰
Encounters encounters 👁

Add Emoji to Pins/Records    (Neatline Interactive Map)

To make the mountain emoji display:

1. Type geography

into the Point Image field.

2. Scroll down +
click Save.

Neatline Record (Pin): Add a Link

Adding Links

Help Finding Sources:

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Schedule a meeting
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Stop by McCabe's Research & Info Desk

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