🎚 Power to the toggles 🚦

how feature flags liberate your development workflow

Feature toggling

A technique to provide an alternative to maintaining multiple source-code branches
A feature can be tested even before it is completed
A developer anybody can enable a feature for testing and disable it for other users

What is a toggle

A boolean or a variation
Not hard coded, magic button or query parameters
Configured externally, value is not part of your source code

Why to toggle

Targeted rollouts: by user group, percentage based buckets, stage or cloud region
Reverting is a lot more difficult than turning a feature off again.

Deploying often, means smaller changes,
means less breakage

In action

💨 ...in realtime 🏎

multiple adapters:

in-memory, localstorage,
launchdarkly, splitio



Code or didn't happen

<ToggleFeature flag="featureFlagName">
  <Link to="url/to/new/feature" />
<ToggleFeature flag="featureFlagName">
  {({ isFeatureEnabled }) => (
    <button disabled={!isFeatureEnabled} onClick={this.handleClick}>
      Try out feature
function ComponentWithFeatureToggle(props) {
   const isFeatureEnabled = useFeatureToggle('myFeatureToggle');

   return (
       The feature is {isFeatureEnabled ? 'enabled' : 'disabled'}

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