How to create a great community

in ten easy steps!

Jen Looper
Senior Developer Advocate - Progress



Senior Developer Advocate @ Progress

(Telerik products)




use JavaScript to build cross-platform native apps

this is "that talk"*

*the one I never give

A Tale of Two Communities

Developer Experts

40 Experts worldwide - cover all our product lines

  • sign NDA
  • get early access to software
  • participate in insider webinars/calls
  • beta test
  • provide support

NativeScript Fans

3000 crazy people

  • mostly on Slack
  • now moving to new Forums
  • StackOverflow
  • Github
  • need immediate help
  • start to build expertise
  • building their careers

Let's talk about the NativeScript community

word association


Everything I know, right here!

  • industry-shredding tips!
  • top-secret hints!
  • any more, and you'd have to sign an NDA!

Tip 1: Find a platform to grow your community


from Slack to Forum

growing pains

What about Gitter?

Tip 2: Set the atmosphere

@heytaco bot


Other Slackbots

Goofy Twitter accounts

  • NativeScriptDog
  • NativeScriptCat
  • NativeScriptMip

too much?

Tip 3: Get people the tools they need

The story of the WebStorm Plugin

Tip 4: Cultivate your helpers

appreciation is key

Grow the next generation of helpers

Behavioral role models

Tip 5: Spin up contests

Contests =

great engagement

Tip 6: Amplify blogs & great contributions


"Contributor badge"

Tip 7: Feature a community member

Featured Developer Expert

Tip 8: Send swag, stickers, and badges

Form your tribe*

Tip 9: Build careers

#jobs channels

  • refer experts
  • amplify openings
  • play matchmaker

Tip 10: Model acts of love and joy


Sometimes you will get crazy people




  • some people are rough around the edges
  • some are inexperienced
  • some want to help but don't know how
  • empathy and kindness take time

Protect yourself!

clean your house!

Are you REALLY doing FOSS?

  • do you use Github labels?
  • do you have a PR template?
  • do you prioritize responding to PRs?
  • do you welcome all kinds of contributions?
  • do you reward new contributors?
  • do you have a Code of Conduct?

Required Reading

it'll be ok!

...and the rewards are real

And one bonus tip…try to improve.

How are YOU building your tribe?

Connect with us!



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