Kendo UI Mobile

What It Can Do And What IT Does Not do

cody lindley

Kendo UI Mobile

What It Can Do And What IT Does Not do

It Can...

It Can be useD for FREE!

(clone it or download on Github, or $ bower install kendo-ui)

It Can be Implemented by Front-end dev's

(i.e. any developer with HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge)

It Can run on almost any device

It Can provide mobile application ARCHITECTURE

(view layouts, views, navigating/routing i.e. SPA features)

It can be used standalone Without SPA tools

(i.e. mobile widgets can run standalone, in any browser, just like the Kendo UI web and dataviz widgets)

It can Be Written declaratively or imperatively

It can Make USe of Kendo MVVM 

It can do adaptive platform rendering

It can Use 1 unifying Theme Across all platforms 

(aka the flat theme)

It can be Written the AngularJS Way

(using custom directives, which are provided)

It can do icons 


It can abstract touch events  


It can be used as a source for hybrid native apps

It can DO a Lot!

It dosen't...

  • It doesn’t create native hybrid apps (i.e. webview apps) 

  • It doesn’t access native api’s

  • It doesn’t offer a developer environment (the browser is the environment)

  • It doesn’t offer debugging tools (other than what is in the browsers)

  • It doesn’t offer testing tools

  • It doesn’t help you deploy to app stores

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