Tips and Tricks with Chrome DevTools / Web Inspector

For Intercom Debugging

Apologies to users of other browsers but for most of these there should be an equivalent feature in your browser of choice

What is it?

  • A Swiss army knife for web development debugging
  • View Live Source
  • View HTML and Javascript Code
  • View Network requests
  • See memory usage
  • Performance testing
  • And much more 

How to use it?

View (Live) Source

  • By "live" it means "live"
  • Better representation vs viewing source

View (Live) Code

  • See the code that crafts the page
  • Javascript debugging with breakpoints

View Network requests

  • See what's loading and from where
  • See bottlenecks

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Page/Application Details

Page/Application Details

Page/Application Details

The favourite - Console

Going deeper!

Don't bother with source

  • Look for `intercom`

(most of the times)

Ping is King / Trust  the Ping

  • Look for `ping`
  • Most of the data you really need
  • Some notables that are missing: Messenger Attributes
    • ​alignment
    • hide_default_launcher
    • custom_launcher_selector

Narrow the search

  • Filter by type

Narrow the search

  • Filter by common URL

Narrow the search

  • Regular Expressions!

Search all the things

  • Finding weird installations
  • Common search terms:
    • APP_ID / Intercom("boot") / Intercom('boot') / Intercom("update")...

Prettify Code

Speed Testing and Caching

Preserving logs

  • On full page loads logs disappear and AJAX requests get cancelled
  • Help identify possible timing issues

CSS Hacks

See Events on Elements

See Events on Elements

  • Hover and Delete!


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